Never Live Another Day Burdened by Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt

Discover how Matthew Ferry's Ignite Mastermind delivers the inner peace and pervasive joy you've been seeking so you can go after your biggest, boldest, dream life.

Achieve Goals Faster by Removing Energetic Blocks Standing In Your Way

Become Unstoppable By Applying Contextual Frameworks That Make You Fearless

Attain a Zen-Like Approach To Chaos and Uncertainty

"The natural result of developing a quiet mind is living free of fear, uncertainty and doubt. It's from this place that spiritual badasses create mind-blowing quantum leaps."
MATTHEW FERRY, Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Best-Selling Author
15 Priceless Benefits of the Quiet Mind Curriculum
As a member of The Ignite Mastermind, mind-blowing results are commonplace. Imagine having the skills to maintain peace of mind, no matter what life throws at you. It's possible when you get Matthew's Quiet Mind Curriculum under your belt.


You have the courage to go after your big dreams and passions


You deal with life's ups and downs sensibly. You are the calm in the storm.


Your approach to complex situations is practical and professional.


You are in a focused, resourceful state most of the time.


You are at peace with the irrational behavior of other people.


You naturally heal the negativity with the people in your life.


You feel more connected and aligned with your spouse or partner.


You feel peace and flow raising your kids regardless of what they are doing.


You feel like you have made it and all your hard work has paid off.


You can fully serve humanity without being burdened by the obligation.


You feel resourceful regardless of what is happening in the world.


You are not distracted by trivial things that take you off your game.


You spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love.


You find yourself inspired by the natural beauty all around you.


You begin to find joy in the small things life has to offer.

The Ignite Mastermind is a 9-month immersive program specifically designed for spiritually-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders like you.

A Message From Matthew...

As a high-conscious go-getter I am willing to bet you produce ridiculous results in your personal and professional life. You are a leader in most of the circles you run in. People look to you for wisdom and guidance no matter the topic at hand. 

Your ideas manifest with relative ease because you’ve done the work. Seminars, workshops, and weekend retreats. You’ve invested so much time and energy into your personal advancement that you could LEAD a program if you chose to (and maybe you do!).

You’ve climbed to the highest peaks on the personal development mountain and by every measure, you are living a great life.

But your inside doesn’t always match your outside. Somehow, you still experience fear, uncertainty, and doubt. And you know better. There are times when you get down on yourself. You get frustrated. 

Somedays you wonder where the hell did my inner peace go? Why do people still piss me off? Why can’t I escape the feeling that I am not there yet… like I am so much MORE capable than my current results?

Secretly you wonder “will I ever be profoundly satisfied with the life that I’ve created?”

Like it or not, this is the plight of the high-conscious go-getter. 

Positive but not peaceful.
Optimistic but not overjoyed
Focused but not fearless.
Confident but not calm.
Passionate but not prosperous
Successful but not satisfied.

I am willing to bet you are the quasi spiritual leader in your family and in your circle of friends. At work, you are a leader. People seek your advice because they sense you have an inner knowing that fuels your success.

I am also willing to bet there are times you feel profoundly misunderstood and alone. You are surrounded by people who think you are awesome but you feel like an outsider.

At the same time you KNOW there has to be a way to feel good: Deep-down-in-your-bones-good about where you are in life, right now. 

You KNOW there is a way to feel at peace in the chaos of the world.

You KNOW it is possible to live in a zen-like state and kick-ass at the same time. 

As a result, you’ve been searching for a proven, systematic way to reconnect with your infinite self and be free of fear, uncertainty and doubt regardless of the negativity you deal with in day-to-day life.

But you haven’t found the way… until now.

Meet The Ignite Mastermind, a community of other spiritual badasses who are dedicated to experiencing the same level of joy and inner peace as you are.

Hear what current and former members have to say:

"Invaluable, absolutely invaluable. That's the best way I can put it." - Ciji Siddons

"Being able to see things from a new perspective is priceless. 
- DeAnna Lee

"It's very hard to explain this program to other people. They just don't get it until they're in it and really living it, and breathing it."
- Sophia Valilis Vazac

"Extremely empowering."
- Marshall Gibbs

Let’s be honest, high-conscious go-getters like you know to how do get what you want. Sometimes it’s through shear drive and determination. Other times the thing you want just drops into your lap.

But make no mistake, you know how to get s**t done.

So why in the hell is inner peace and profound joy so elusive?

The Personal Development Prison is to blame. I remember the pit in my stomach the day I realized the personal development path that I was on, was not the path that would get me to where I actually wanted to go. 

The success, the money and the accomplishment were nice. But they didn’t really deliver the inner peace I knew was possible.

That day was heart-wrenching. Decades of devotion to “tried-and-true” self-help processes certainly produced a great life for me and my family. But over time I feared that if I took my foot off the gas, the entire thing would crash to the ground.

What was worse: None of my mentors had the balls to tell me the mountain I was climbing wasn’t taking me where I wanted to go. But it wasn’t their fault. They thought success was the answer too, and found themselves caught in the same Personal Development Prison as I found myself. Brutal.

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news.

Your life is about to change - forever. That is not an empty promise. 

As a performance-based coach for going on three decades, I’ve been coaching  high-conscious go-getters to experience whatever they want in life. That’s why I can say with certainty that what you are about to discover is the result of street-tested processes that are proven to work. 
In 2018 I published my methodology in the Amazon bestselling book Quiet Mind Epic Life. Today, you have an opportunity to master The Quiet Mind Curriculum as a member of my Ignite Mastermind.

Here’s the deal. I began running my private, by invitation only mastermind in 2011. As a result, I’ve developed a proven process of delivering life-changing results. 

Now, I’ve synthesized my methodology in a 9-month curriculum. And I am betting if you’ve made it this far down the page, it might be for you.

This fall I am kicking of one of the most exciting programs of my career. We’ve nicknamed it LIVE FUD FREE for one simple reason: When you complete The Quiet Mind Curriculum, you will have the tools to live free of fear, uncertainty and doubt. And when that happens, it’s game on.

Life is so much more fun when you are free of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt!

Living FUD FREE only happens when you have the skills - practical tools and techniques - to take crappy situtations and neutralize any negative impact on your peace of mind. It means you can navigate the nastiest of circumstances with a zen-like mindset.

No matter what life throws at you, The Quiet Mind Curriculum is specifically designed so YOU remain in a calm, confident, and quiet mind state.

Let me show you how it works.

Quiet Mind in the Media
From coast-to-coast the media has taken hold of Matthew Ferry's unconventional perspectives on mindset, spirituality, and relationships. 
Matthew Ferry's Quiet Mind Curriculum is based on his best-selling book Quiet Mind Epic Life. Now you can experience it yourself as a member of The Ignite Mastermind.
Matthew has been featured on...
Ignite Mastermind Members
Listen in to discover why so many members come for the curriculum and stay for the community.

"I wanted to be in a group with people who are up to something."

- Kelly Chaplin

"I was looking for some sort of peace and a feeling of prosperity and joy." 

- Mitch Gainforth, Gainforth Real Estate

"I've gone down to 30 hour work weeks, everything comes with ease and flow with no force at all." 

- Marshall Gibbs, Developer and Investor

"It popped the cap off my thinking." 

- David Keesee, CEO Find-A-Way

"It's been life changing."

- Melissa Machat, Founder of The Machat Group

"I've become a better leader in my business." 

- Tom Ross, Bay Equity Mortgage

"Before the mastermind I had to figure out how to jam square pegs into round holes..."

- Jenna Morton, Coldwell Banker

"If you are thinking about joining the mastermind, just dive in."

- Brett Sikora, CEO, The Sikora Group

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