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The IGNITE Mastermind
Attendance at Epic Life Live or previous IGNITE Mastermind is required for participation.

Enlightenment and prosperity are typically on opposite ends of the spectrum. They tend to be opposing intentions, where we are forced to decide "Will I seek abundance, or will I seek a quiet mind?" Let me teach you how to have both.

- Matthew Ferry
It started years ago.
The drive to feel more at peace, more in the flow… more connected to nature and people and whatever you call God, Universe or Source.

You might have been brought up in a Catholic, Christian or New Thought church. Maybe you were raised Muslim or Hindi. Or growing up, your family had no formal form of faith at all.

Whatever path your parents put you on, you never quite fit in.
You could see things others couldn’t.

Without knowing it, you’ve used your intuition most of your life in very effective ways.

You have a sixth sense about spirituality, consciousness, manifesting and being connected to something greater than yourself ever since you can remember.

It's just a part of you.
But, up until now, you haven’t been able to make sense of it all. Something is still missing. 

You imagine the day when all the pieces fit together, where you feel at home with your tribe and on a path that is in alignment with your unique way of looking at the world.

Let’s be honest: You have success but you don’t have peace. 

You’ve been around the block. You know how to make money. You have nice things. By all measures are you doing pretty darn well. 

But in your mind’s eye you know there is a bigger version of you waiting to unfold.

And, so far, all the personal development work you’ve done hasn’t really delivered the deep sense of satisfaction and success you crave. So you continue to seek, and seek, and seek.
Now, after years at it you find yourself.
  • Positive but not peaceful.
  •  Optimistic but not overjoyed
  •  Focused but not fearless.
  •  Confident but not calm.
  •  Passionate but not prosperous
  •  Successful but not satisfied.
It can be frustrating.
I remember my wife Kristen telling me about seminar after seminar she would attend; hoping, praying that it would be the one that delivered the profound peace she’d been seeking, while running her small business.

What she didn’t know was that she was higher conscious than the teacher. She didn’t realize that most of the other people in the room were broke, and suffering, and praying for their lives to be fixed by other people. 

She didn’t know that in her drive for ease and grace, workability and effectiveness, she was actually seeking an enlightened state. 

She didn’t know that you can measure consciousness and systematically raise your consciousness to attain profound peace, calm, certainty and joy.

She didn’t know that there was a realm of experience beyond self-help and personal development called Enlightened Prosperity. (I’ll explain what Enlightened Prosperity is in a moment)
And, she certainly didn’t know how to attain it.
As a result, Kristen was getting tired.

And I bet on some level you are too.

When you feel disconnected, it’s easy to wonder when things will work out.

It’s easy to question when will my dreams - the really big ones - actually manifest?

It’s so easy to go through all the self-help rituals, to write affirmations and do dream boards and meditate and then wonder, is this it? This is how I achieve my big dreams?

It just seems practical to be a ‘good’ person and do all the things the already ‘successful’ people do to be successful.

But if we are being honest, that stuff only gets you so far.

Kristen calls it bumper sticker wisdom.
Whatever you believe you can achieve.
Your thoughts become things.

These are big ideas. And they have a place. But on their own, they do little to get you where you want to go.

In fact, this is part of the problem.

You can go through all the rituals… say all the right things… have an incredibly positive attitude AND still feel agitated, and a little worried things may not work out how you want them to.

You know exactly what I am talking about.

For someone like you, it is very subtle… it’s hard to put your finger on it.

In fact, from the outside looking in, no one would know that you are dissatisfied. They might not notice that you wish for more. 

What’s worse, you might not even be able to talk about what you are experiencing. It’s just too weird to explain to most people… and they wouldn’t understand anyway.

How could someone, with all the things you have, the goals you’ve accomplished and the success you’ve achieved, not be profoundly happy?

It’s a hard question to answer. But it’s a question you know all too well.

How could a happy, successful, positive person like you still want more?

You are not alone.
So, what the hell is going on here?
Let me give it to you straight: 

You are surrounded by survival based consciousness which robs you of your joy and bliss. And you don’t even know it. 

Unseen forces in consciousness are stacked against you, and until you know what they are, and how they are influencing you, you will never be able to break free.

In a nutshell:
  •  Consciousness is the underlying, background field of energy that impacts, influences and unfortunately, can impede all your efforts, ideas, plans and actions for getting what you want in life.
  •  Consciousness, and all its varying degrees, is at the source of your experience in life, the results you produce and your capacity to enjoy those results.
  •  Consciousness is pliable, pervasive and either interrupts or accelerates your progress.
Unless you know what is going on in consciousness, you will be forever limited by its influence.
Let me give you and example:
Sarah (not her real name) is doing well. Her friends all look up to her because she made the leap from corporate America, to running her own business. She makes a good living, but really wants to buy her dream home with her husband in the next couple of years. She has two kids she adores. She drives a luxury car, and travels whenever she likes. From the outside, it looks like all is well.

But Sarah is frustrated. She keeps pushing to grow her business, but the people she’s working with annoy her on a regular basis. So, she’s in bind: On one hand, she has a baseline of prosperity that she wants to build on, and on the other hand her sense of peace is constantly disrupted by other people. She is not experiencing Enlightened Prosperity and she can’t figure out what to do about it. So far, personal development and positive thinking aren’t helping.

As a member of the mastermind, we were able to discern that Sarah was being influenced by an aspect of consciousness called Traitor. (Traitor is one of the 10 Hidden Motives I’ve developed inside my proprietary methodology.) 

When you are unknowingly being impacted by Traitor, you are accidently on the lookout for people who are going to betray you. 

This energetic influence caused Sarah to go into a protective state while judging and assessing people’s motives for wanting to work with her. If someone did something she didn’t like, she would get upset and determine “they are not right for my business,” when in reality, they were a great fit. Over and over, she would experience the disappointment of landing a new prospect, and then “discovering” that they weren’t “right” for her. Not only was this causing her emotional grief, it was impacting the business’ bottom line.

Once we identified that underlying imbalance in consciousness - and corrected it - Sarah started experiencing both enlightenment and prosperity in her business. Now she has community of people to help discern and correct whatever is standing in between her and the prosperity she’s striving for.

Unfortunately, all the positive thinking in the world… all the good deeds… all the kindness… the contribution to others… all the inner work… pushing yourself… overcoming obstacles, etc., only gets you so far.

For Sarah, the it was imbalances in consciousness that were impeding her results. With muscle testing and my methodology, we were able to quickly identify and remove the block.
What about you?

I am betting you are a perfect example of someone who has been going after their dream life… their epic life… for a long time.

This is NOT your first rodeo.

You’ve been doing some sort of work most of your adult life. And here you are: better than ever but not there yet.

I am here to tell you it’s not your fault.

After all the work you’ve done, you just don’t know… you can’t see… what is actually blocking your path.
Searching for the solution
I don’t need to tell you that you will not achieve enlightened states by reading about enlightened states. 

What’s worse, many of the teachers and authors in the current mainstream are at best, in pre-enlightened states (with muscle testing we can test various levels of consciousness, it’s a very handy skill to have). 

Reading about enlightenment as a path to attain enlightenment is like reading about working out and hoping you will magically become toned and fit - even though Kristen and I wish that weren’t the case.

After reading a bunch of good books that didn’t increase your level of consciousness, it’s natural to gravitate to spiritually focused events in order to find the way to peace of mind, joy and profound states of happiness (also known as Enlightenment).

But typically, those kinds of gatherings are a bit of a let down. The farther you get in, the more you see that most of the people you are hanging out with have pretty mediocre lives. They are kind, loving and nice to be around. But often they can’t seem to overcome a poverty mindset. 

Or they are resigned about the state of the world and have a tendency to fight against things they don’t like. 

Or they are so mired down in dogma, it is impossible to relate or connect with them in any meaningful way because they think their “spiritual” beliefs are better than other people’s.

The spiritual arrogance can all get a little overwhelming.

So, you are left wondering “where are my people!?!”
Where are the bad-asses who are into being in enlightened states while doing well in all areas of life? 
Where are the spiritual people who are prosperous and into living the good life?

Next you might try going down the guru path. You find a master whose presence literally uplifts the entire room. There are some epic teachers on the planet right now that can get you so high… feeling so good, that you never what to come down. And, when the seminar or the healing or the retreat is over, WHAMO! 

There you are back in your life, without the skills to maintain those elevated states of consciousness.

The let down can be brutal. You find yourself grateful you attended the event, but no better off on the journey to a life that includes abundance (financial, health, etc.) just as much as it includes being in a high conscious state.
What Enlightened Prosperity is all about.
So, how do you get there? How do you experience enlightenment AND prosperity at the same time?

Let me backup a step to give you some context.

My entire career has been about guiding my clients to achieve results while being happy and having peace of mind. 

I’ve been interested in being in enlightened states since my first out of body experience at age nine. So, as a salesman and then life coach, I naturally help my clients have both prosperity and peace.

My clients have always been driven to make money and be happy. They would not settle for one or the other. 

Early on, that forced me into a unique place: I had to help my clients produce results, or they would fire me. Even today, it really is that simple. I’ve never had the luxury of hoping what I was teaching would work. It HAD to work, or I didn’t get paid. 

As much as I’d like to just be a ‘spiritual teacher,’ the truth is, it not rewarding. I’ve worked with people who aren’t up to anything, and candidly, it’s a pain in the ass. 

I am grateful that working with go-getters who are into productivity, effectiveness and get-things-done are my people. Spiritual derelicts are not my people.
So, How on Earth do you attain and maintain Enlightened Prosperity?
After a lot of trial and error. Testing, re-testing, fine tuning and perfecting, I’ve determined there are five things you need to look for on our journey to living in a high-conscious state, while living the good life. This is what I call Enlightened Prosperity.
  • #1. Learn from someone who has gone before you.
  • Going into higher states of consciousness is like anything else; there is a process you can follow. 
  • Enlightenment is no longer a mystical, only-attainable-by-those-who-meditate-for-decades experience. Up until recently, the idea of being in an enlightened state AND living a prosperous life in the western world seemed like opposing ideas. Not anymore. Enlightenment is not only attainable, it is an incredibly practical way to live with the complexity of modern life.
  • If you are interested in being in an enlightened state AND being prosperous, then find a teacher and guide who is living that way.
  •  #2. Understand the undeniable impact of a group.
  • Being with people who are into increasing their level of consciousness is one thing. Getting into a group with people who are up to things in life is something completely different.
  • The trick here is to find a group of people are who are into happiness AND success, peace AND prosperity, high-consciousness AND living the good life.
  • It’s not as easy as you’d think. You want to find a group where each member has gone through the same process to get into the group, and has the same skin in the game.
  • That means no freebies. Freebies are people who are friends of friends who got in at little or no cost. Sometimes it’s a two-for-one deal. Or a friend of someone on staff with the teacher who gets to “see what it’s like.” 
  • Watch out for bartering. Bartering is when someone trades goods or services for their participation. Usually, they can’t afford to be in the group, but the teacher wants the benefit they provide, without paying them, so they trade. It sounds like a good idea, and in the end, people who don’t pay to participate in intensive programs, don’t. Over time, they disappear and it’s a bummer for other members of the tribe.
  • Make sure there is no “celebrity status” happening in the group. Some groups let people in who don’t pay, but their presence makes the group look more prestigious and impactful. The operative words being “look more prestigious and impactful.” More often than not, these people come and go, making appearances and pretending to be part of the tribe. They falsely believe that their appearances are somehow contributing to others. It’s a ego play for them, and the teacher who let them in.
  • Don’t think this stuff happens? About 10 years ago, Kristen accidentally got herself into a $30,000 a year group - lead by one of the most famous authors and spiritual leaders around - only to find out about half of the people were either free, bartering or were there to make the group seem higher caliber than it really was. Boy did that put a bad taste in her mouth.
  • To really get the impact of a group, you want to be among peers. You want to be with people that you can count on, who can count on you. This is only possible when your underlying motivation for being in a group is aligned. 
  •  #3. A proven process.
  • Not only do you want to find a teacher who is LIVING what they teach (and what you want to learn), you want to know they have a process for taking you from where you are, to where you want to go. If they aren’t willing to put their money where their mouth is, you should probably skip it. If they have a money back guarantee, all the better. 
  •  #4. Addressing imbalances in consciousness, and updating outdated information.
  • This is a biggie. And most spiritually-focused teachers aren’t tackling it. 
  • Let me make this really simple: There is invisible stuff in consciousness that you know is holding you back and no amount of personal development work is doing anything about it.
  • This is the cause of the problem. Remember Sarah? Her story is one small example of the impact of unseen forces and imbalances in consciousness that rob you of experiencing Enlightened Prosperity. This is the stuff that CAN NOT be discerned with traditional self-help and spiritual practices. 
  • These phenomena are behind the outdated, karmic information that is impacting your results today. The only way to identify and correct these imbalances is via muscle testing. 
  •  #5. Capacity vs. Ability
  • To ensure you are on a path to increase of level of conscious AND maintain it, you must learn a series of skills and practices. The kid who has the capacity to be a star basketball player must develop a series of abilities in order to get on the team. His capacity is not enough.
  • The same is true with going into enlightened states. You have the capacity (and clearly the volition, if you are reading this) but developing the ability to stay enlightened is critical.
  • The abilities allow you to attain and maintain a high level consciousness, regardless of the circumstance you find yourself in. Not easy. But required in order to achieve your objective.
And, that’s the point, isn’t it?

Haven’t you been wanting to live in an enlightened state and be prosperous at the same time? 

If so, keep reading. What I am about to offer you will change the trajectory of your life.
The Ignite Mastermind
Nearly seven years ago, I started a spiritually based mastermind. It has been one the best programs I’ve ever offered. And, today, it’s more effective, powerful and on-point than ever.

The structure is pretty simple, and I will tell you more about that in a moment. 

First, I want to give you a taste of the curriculum I’ve developed to ensure you not only have your consciousness go up and you experience enlightened states in day to day life, but that you also experience more prosperity - whether that be in relationships, in your health, in your pocketbook or in your creative pursuits. 

In a nutshell, the mastermind is about high conscious living, while living the good life. 
The objective of The Ignite Mastermind is to raise our level of consciousness, develop the skills to live in Enlightened Prosperity and create a quantum leap in the most important areas of our life.
There are four cornerstone modules that take you from where you are now, into the higher states of consciousness and abundance you are seeking.
  • #1. Recontextualization. This is the start of the journey. Recontextualization is a master skill that you will learn and the leverage for the rest of your life. 
  • On the surface, it is the ability to look at a situation from a new perspective and be empowered. With practice, it has the power to transform any negative situation to your benefit. Death, cancer, divorce, debt… I will teach you how to master degrading circumstances in a way that produces miracles. I do it in my life. I teach my private coaching clients to use it in their lives. 
  • Now, I’ve dedicated the first module of the mastermind to learning the same thing. Learning how to recontextualize will transform your life. And it is a cornerstone of maintaining enlightened prosperity.
  •  #2. Integrity. Integrity is like breathing for the high conscious person. Think of it like workability, like the strength or constructive nature of things. If you have a foundation under a house that doesn’t have the proper amount of steel in the concrete - meaning it is not structurally sound - then the entire system lacks integrity and is susceptible to failure. This is the kind of integrity I am talking about. It’s in the realm of keeping your word. And, in the mastermind, we take a deep dive into the nature of integrity and where it’s “out.” 
  • Using Applied Kinesiology, commonly known as muscle testing, we will discern your levels of integrity in all areas of your life, and create plan for restoration. Truth is, as a high conscious person, you just can’t get away with things that lack integrity in your life. You may be able to tolerate it, but over time, whatever you are putting up with will degrade you. When you are degraded, you are only able to get so far in life. It’s a real stopper that eludes most powerful people like you. In the mastermind, we take it head on.
  •  #3. Manifesting. Learning how to consistently manifest is extremely powerful. Fundamentally, it’s about setting the conditions for what you want to take form. Think of it like this: If you want flowers to grow, you first must set the conditions. You prep the soil, you plant the seeds in an area that gets sun, you water, you might even add fertilizer. Whatever steps you take, you are setting the conditions for the flowers to grow. Are these actions a guarantee? No. Are they aligned with your objective of growing flowers? Yes, they are. 
  • Learning how to manifest is not the same as trying to get the Law of Attraction to behave. What I teach is not “see it, be it” positive thinking. I have developed, tested and perfected a very specific eight step process for manifesting the big stuff. As a member of the mastermind, I will guide you through each step so you can start experiencing the results for yourself.
  •  #4. Abilities. Game on. You will use the Abilities of a High-Conscious Person for the rest of your life, if you choose. In the final months of the mastermind, I teach you the abilities high-conscious people use to thrive in our modern world. Look, with training it’s easy to get yourself into a high conscious, feeling all blissed out state. And, that’s a little value when life comes at you full force. I’ve developed the Abilities as a blueprint of sorts, so you can maintain your enlightened state, no matter what.
In addition to these four cornerstone modules, I will also be guiding you through The 10 Basic Human Drives and The Hidden Motives. 
Pulled from my methodology, understanding the “drives” and the “motives” are vital to removing anything standing in your way of achieving the highest states of enlightenment. They are practical, useful and essential wisdom for your journey. Armed with knowledge and skills, you can eliminate the degrading impact of the drives in your life.

Yes, we have a lot of ground to cover on this journey. I am your guide. 

Here’s our year together in a nutshell: 

Module #1

I teach you how to Recontextualize and get external forces working in your favor. This master skill lays the foundation for the rest of the year.

Module #2

I show you where you are out of integrity (yes, we actually measure using muscle testing) and how to get yourself into high levels of integrity. Integrity is essential manifesting the really big stuff.

Module #3

I explain how to set the conditions for manifesting using my eight step process. And, we do it my way: Quantum Leap style. (In fact, I guarantee it.)

Module #4

I reveal to you The Abilities of a high conscious person. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you develop an unshakable set of skills you will use for the reason of your life to maintain Enlightened Prosperity.
So, who's in the mastermind?
Simply said: Your tribe. We call ourselves Spiritual Hooligans because we break all the rules about being enlightened and prosperous. We don’t follow any dogma… in fact we seek to find and eliminate any dogma that is degrading our experience.

The IGNITE Mastermind members come from all walks of life, from all over the country, with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences.

What makes IGNITE Mastermind members unique is their drive to seek the highest levels of enlightenment while simultaneously living incredibility prosperous lives. That’s what being a Spiritual Hooligan is all about.

Each and every member has applied and been accepted into the group. This ensures are you surrounded by high-caliber people you can count on to not only be on the same path as you, but to help guide your way. 

In fact, many of our members have been in the group two, three and four years or more. And while they fully participate, they also love to contribute to the tribe for the pure joy of it.

It’s this level of contribution and connection that helps ensure the entire group is progressing and having an outstanding experience along the way.

After years of exploring different approaches, I have developed a structure that quite simply produces results, and I guarantee it (more on my Iron-Clad, 200% Money Back Guarantee in a moment). 
First, here's how the mastermind works:
  •  The mastermind is a 1 year program.
  •  Component #1: The Kickstart: Weekly intensive group calls with me
  •  Component #2: Immersion Day: Spend an entire day with me and your fellow Spiritual Hooligans here in Orange County. Your attendance at our first Immersion Day is required. Together, we go deep into the underlying energetic influences that have been holding you back from living in Enlightened Prosperity.
  •  Component #3: All calls are recorded. On the off chance you are unable to make a call, you can listen to the recording inside your private, password protected, online portal. These calls are for members only, and are strictly confidential. Group calls alternate with Team Calls.
  • Component #4: Team Calls: After our first Immersion Day, everyone joins a team with three or four other members of the group. Team Calls are where check-in’s and assignments from our Group Call happen.
  •  Component #5: As a member of the IGNITE Mastermind, you get three more full Immersion days. These full-day events here in Orange County are essential to the process and required to be eligible for my Iron-Clad, 200% Money-Back Guarantee.
By now, you have to be asking yourself some really important questions. And that’s a good thing. IGNITE is not for everyone.
Here are some questions you might be asking yourself:
How do I know this is for me?

Here are some ways to tell:
1. You’ve been seeking a long time, and you’ve come a long way. 
2. You are ready to feel like you are on the perfect path for you. 
3. Finding others on the same journey is just a bonus.

If what you’ve read, and what I promise you as a member of The IGNITE Mastermind feels right, then I encourage you to submit an application.

Is this like others things I’ve done?

Great question. And, I don’t know. Many of the mastermind members have a lot of experience with other teachers and trainers, some don’t. This group is dedicated to living within enlightened states AND being prosperous. That’s a really important differentiator. It’s uncommon to be in a high conscious state, and prosperous at the same time.

What if it doesn’t work?
Well, I guarantee it.
Ah, now I get to tell you about my Iron-Clad, 200% Money Back Guarantee. 

Here it is: “If you bring your A game and participate in 100% of the group calls, and attend all four full-day live events and if you don’t experience a Quantum Leap in at least one area of your life, then I will write you a check for 2x your investment*.”
In the end, you are the only one who can determine whether or not IGNITE is for you.

Here’s a recap of what you get as a member:

Component #1: The Kickstart; group calls starting May
Component #2: Immersion Day 1 in Orange County, CA (required)
Component #3: Group Calls
Component #4: Team Calls
Component #5: Immersion Days 2, 3, and 4
The cost of The IGNITE Mastermind is $995/mo for 12 months… BUT... you will NOT PAY that price. Here's why:
2019 starts a new chapter for Kristen and I. It marks a coming-out of sorts, where for the first time I am openly, and very publicly teaching the spiritual practices and processes I’ve been developing over the past two decades.

Perhaps you’ve witnessed this transformation in me, or perhaps this will be the first time we are working together. Either way, I am taking the mastermind to a whole new level this time around.

I am pulling out the stops, and making this the most immersive, fun, game-changer mastermind to date.
This means two things for you:
  • #1. We are granting each new member of the group a $200 a month scholarship, so your monthly investment is just $795. (You instantly save $2400 on your membership) And, we are giving you…
  •  #2. Bonuses totaling $4970 in value + a couple priceless bonuses you cannot get anywhere else
Here are your Ignite Mastermind Member Bonuses
  •  BONUS #1: Unlimited, online access to The P3 Academy. That means you will have access to my new Transforming Fear Into Action program, Mental Journey To Millions, Ridiculous Bliss, Visualizations and Meditations, The P3 Essentials Collection, Bonus Calls and all kinds of Matthew Ferry exclusives. Value: $2340
  •  BONUS #2: A ticket to the October 2019 Epic Life Live with VIP Status. Value: $1295
  •  BONUS #3: A ticket to the January 2020 Epic Life Live with VIP Status. Value: $1295
  •  BONUS #4: Unlimited email access. Need help on something specific, on the spot. Reach out. I am here to help. So are your fellow Spiritual Hooligans. Value: Priceless
All told, you get a year as an IGNITE Mastermind member which includes weekly group and/or team calls, four live immersive days here in Orange County, unlimited online access to my P3 Academy for a year, unlimited email access, membership in my private Facebook, and tickets to two Epic Life Live events with VIP status.
Total value $16,687.00 for just $795 a month, for 12 months.
Look, I know IGNITE Mastermind is not for everyone. That’s on purpose. If it’s right for you, enter your information below to start your application. There is a $49 application fee, and it takes about 8 - 12 minutes to complete.
Attendance in an Epic Life Live event or previous IGNITE Mastermind is required for participation.
By entering your email address above you give us permission to send you exclusive information and special offers from Matthew Ferry. We respect your privacy and we protect the information you provide. We don't like spam, so we don't send it.
SOME FINE PRINT: The Sarah story above is for illustrative purposes only. Tickets to Epic Life Live are for your use only, and are non-transferrable. No cash value. 

* To qualify for the 200% Money Back Guarantee you must 1. Attend all four Mastermind Days, and 2. Attend 100% of all Wednesday Group calls.

**Special exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, specifically for long time clients, under specific circumstances.

Dates TBD. Offer subject to change.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Hear what members say, read How It Works, get the low-down on my Iron-Clad 200% Money-Back Guarantee, discover some of the Quantum Leaps members have experienced, and see who the mastermind is for and who it's not.
What members have to say...
Brett Sikora - Hoboken, NJ
Tom Ross - Phoenix, AZ
Bernadette Meyer - Nantucket, MA
Jacki Silva - Philadelphia, PA
Jenna Morton - Surf City, NC
George Lorimer - San Diego, CA
Kelly Chaplin - Orange County, CA
Mitch Gainforth - Myrtle Beach, SC
Melissa Machat - Las Vegas, NV
Marshall Gibbs - Tallahassee, FL
Here's how it works
Weekly Calls
During each Group Call, we dive deep into one lesson of each module in the curriculum. These are intense, but fun and powerful calls. PLUS... you will participate in a Team Call to apply/discuss/reflect on the Group Call topic.

Quarterly Immersion Days
Join me and your fellow mastermind members once a quarter in Orange County, CA for a full day immersive.

Mastermind events are dedicated to mastering one module in the curriculum. All members must attend the first event or they will not continue in the group. It is strongly recommended that you attend all Mastermind events to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Annual Commitment
Membership in the group is for one year, paid monthly. IGNITE members dedicate themselves to participating fully - for their benefit and for the benefit of the group. Because each member of the group has applied and been accepted, you are among your peers on the path to up-leveling every area of your life.
Risk Free, Iron Clad 200% Money Back Guarantee*: 
If you bring your A-game and participate in 100% of the group calls, and attend all four full-day live events and you don’t experience a Quantum Leap in at least one area of your life, then I will write you a check for 2x your investment… that’s $19,080*.
Examples of the kinds of Quantum Leaps you can expect as a member of IGNITE...
Based on actual results reported by members of past and current mastermind lead by Matthew Ferry.
Individual results may vary.
  • Went through a lawsuit with peace of mind and no negative mental impact
  • Renewed passion for real estate investing and building passive income
  • Gracefully taking over the family business while honoring a father’s legacy
  • Getting the courage to write a book
  • Going through a divorce with understanding and compassion instead of hurt and fighting
  • Experiencing profound peace after a sibling's death
  • Extreme peace with a cancer diagnonis
  • Traveling more
  • Started DJing, a long time dream that had been stuck on the back burner
  • Trip to Nicarguara to explore opening a retreat center
  • Learning Spanish, a long time dream.
  • Snowboarding 2x a week, with no reduction in income, and an increase in happiness and fulfillment
  • Building his network marketing business with calm and confidence after being laid off with zero notice
  • Moving forward with opening the yoga studio 
  • Honored as a top producer while navigating a divorce and working less
  • Found the courage to change companies, and build a team
  • Falling in love
  • Improved relationship with adult kids
IGNITE is not for everyone
Who this is NOT for...
  • Are you struggling to make ends meet? This group is not for you. The IGNITE Mastermind is for individuals with financial stability and professional success (who are ready for more of both).
  • Are you looking for a magic pill or a silver bullet to fix what's not working in your life? This isn't it. During your year in IGNITE I will teach you how to engineer Quantum Leaps in your life, for the rest of your life.
  • Are you someone who commits to things, and backs out? If so, please find something else that suits you. IGNITE is a year long commitment and only for those who are dedicated to fully participating and getting the most out of it as they can!
Who this IS for...
  • You want to experience both enlightenment AND prosperity (in all it's forms) in your life.
  • You have a sixth sense about spirituality, consciousness, manifesting and being connected to something greater than yourself.
  • You ready learn how to engineer Quantum Leaps.
  • You ready to bust free of whatever has been stopping you from going attaining Enlightened Prosperity.
  • You eager to leverage tested principles for attracting the people, opportunities, and things that you've always wanted but secretly never thought you could really, truly have.
Applications are due
May 4, 2019
Here are the next steps.
Decide the IGNITE Mastermind is for you.
Confirm you can attend the June 1st Mastermind Event in Orange County, CA**
Complete & submit your application. There is a $49 non-refundable fee.
Expect your application to be accepted or declined by May 10th
  • Applications for membership are due by May 4th
  • All members must attend the first Mastermind Day in Orange County, CA.**
  • IGNITE is $795/month, starting May 15th.
Applications are currently closed. Get on the Waitlist to be notified when you can apply.
Attendance in an Epic Life Live event or previous IGNITE Mastermind is required for participation.
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* To qualify for the 200% Money Back Guarantee you must 1. Attend all four Mastermind Days and 2. Attend 100% of all Wednesday Group calls.

**Special exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, specifically for long time clients, under specific circumstances.

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