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Your Ticket To Epic Life Live Includes...
  • Your journey through The Rapid Enlightenment Process by Matthew Ferry and ascension into a quiet mind state.
  • Intensive dogma busting sessions that will leave you inspired and in an all-is-well state. You will never look at life, death, your purpose and the people around you the same ever again.
  • Connection and collaboration with members of the Mental Journey To Millions ​who are dedicated to helping others experience enlightened prosperity.
  • Networking with other high-conscious go-getters committed to being well, and doing well in all areas of life.
  • Unlimited access to The Intention Sanctuary to release whatever has been holding you back. From there you can set new intentions for the coming year.

"I know my mind went quiet. And it happened quickly, too! By the time I got there, I was in survival mode, the traffic and stopping and going and almost rear ending someone, etc. Friday night after the first few minutes of the session, I melted into my quiet mind. Thank you." - Carol Butler

“I feel complete peace of mind. My mind is extremely quiet. I feel like I released all my interpretations, beliefs, and negative thoughts from the past. As of right now, I am just open to any circumstance to enjoy life, whatever is going to happen. I feel complete freedom.” - Manny Marquez

“I have a really good friend. He told me I needed to go to this event so I just dove in. I didn’t know who was coming. I was just like, let’s go. And, I found my tribe. There’s this growth that I’ve been desiring. I’ve been very committed to self-development for over 10 years now. This is the next evolution of my development.” - Laci Buller

I was able to spend the day with a quiet mind for the first time in years, which I thought was really cool.” - Walter Johnson

“The first time we meditated, I still had some of that to-do list chatter in my head. By the afternoon, it was completely quiet.” - Leeann Iacino

“It’s been an amazing two days… The best part of all, it’s not a prolonged process. You see immediate results within a couple hours.” - Edgar Royas

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