imgSince finding Matthew Ferry my life has turned a corner. I have gained more confidence, a sense of hope, a relaxed and happy day to day life. He has helped me improve my relationships and have the confidence to expect money and things to go my way. I feel like a different person – just laid back and happy with life. I feel so lucky.img
Nat Exeeder
imgMatthew, you have totally changed my perspective in life. My only regret is I hadn’t found you sooner. I am in a state of bliss most of the time. You bring a lot of inspiration into my life.img
imgI am in real estate and experienced a low the end of Dec and beginning of Jan. However, keeping my focus on: “I have everything I need TODAY,” “I am blessed and inspired TODAY,” knowing I will always be taken care of, and keeping my focus on the good feeling of my vision…….the flood gates have opened easily and effortlessly. At times I feel like a little kid without a care and just playing in life. Thank you Matthew Ferry. The kinds of people that I am attracting are also exactly the kinds of people I want to do business with and have in my life. How great is this?img
Cindy Greco
imgI feel stronger this week! Nothing is going to knock my positive mindset down!img
– Helen LaPrairie
imgI have been in a depression for many years – It’s as if my life were in shrink wrap. As a product of Mr. Ferry’s work I feel a climate change – an air of possibility that was not in the room before – and for me this is quantum change. I am now open to a room (life) with doors and windows – where none existed before.img
Bill Tinsley
imgEven though I’m going through financial challenges, Matthew has lead me to break through complacency and inspired me to understand that the power is inside me.img
imgDoing all this work with you has made every aspect of my life exciting and blissful. It’s as if nothing can bring me down and all is well. For the past weeks I have been in constant stages of bliss and joy! I am attracting exciting fun people and situations all around me, all the people in my life seem so much happier and fun to be around! Thank you for everything you have done Matthew, it truly is amazing and I greatly appreciate you for it!img
Reuben James Brazeal
imgWhat a remarkable experience! Once the light of awareness has shown on your actions and thoughts there is no going back into the darkness. Thank you for awakening me into a world of conscious choice!img
Arthur Kleinpell
imgOne evening, I simply clicked YouTube to search for everyday strategies for happiness. By that time I was just realizing that happiness is not just a state of being that falls from the sky, a metaphysical gift, but happiness is a skill and we can learn it. There are many websites and many people, coaches, therapists in our world are doing happiness at this moment. But I found Matthew Ferry who has a rocking sense of humor. Now, I think HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE.img
Nasima Selim
imgThis is amazing. I can’t even believe how I achieve the success in happiness in my life for these few days. Thank you Matthew. You are really admirable.img
J Fernando
imgI just wanted to say THANK YOU. You are a rare combination of truth and effectiveness. I’ve been hearing all these things separately for at least 8 years but your “15 Strategies” are the essence of someone who has truly searched for a way to explain to others a higher way. Sincerely devoted with you to make a difference in this world.img
Felipe Cura
imgI have the highest level of ultra positive energy, success, bliss and wealth in all the areas of my life and relationships since I started coaching with you. I love my life. I have fabulous health coach, love driving a Mercedes Benz, love my loving relationships and love my job in sales, love the area I work and live in … I have the best community of supporters, believers, advocates and friends and son. Thanks Matthew!img
Grail Marie Nitsch
imgI just had the Wall Street Journal give my new book a great review with large photo next to it. Sales increased on the website right away. I am in action and going for it, I have already been asked to do new project. Thank you Matthew.img
Richard Adatto
imgMatthew Ferry is a real miracle worker. As a matter of fact, when I read or listen to his words miracles happen just like that! Ever since I read Matthew’s book, Creating Sales Velocity in 2007 I have been writing my miracles down daily. In the meantime my 4th book is almost full with daily miracles. That is at least a 1000 pages in really small writing, both sides full. Some really small miracles and some really miraculous having immediately sold a house in 1 viewing for more money than anybody ever dreamed possible or driving the car from A to B in an amount of time that is not at possible plus many others. The power of the visualization is incredible! Just a thought and the universe delivers.img
Samuela Deraney
imgIncredible. I can’t believe how happy I am with my life and I’ve never even dreamed about all this being possible, I am truly grateful to you Matthew!!!!img
imgTaking Matthew’s advice, I was able to accept everything that was occurring in my life as perfect; during a time that originally did not feel anything close to being perfect … closer to being in “hell” is what I thought I was experiencing. Once I let go of thinking all of the breakdown I was experiencing was “bad” and changed my perception and expectation as more of a preparing for breakthrough, I viewed everything happening as opportunities to grow. I no longer label them as “bad” things happening to me … just “things” happening. The amazing part; two fold: 1. I felt better about everything. 2. After that change in feeling, amazing “things” easily came into my life!img
Rob Radcliff
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