Alright, so you’re a spiritual person and that’s awesome. Yet, it takes money to function in today’s society, which is a bit of a paradox because we’ve been taught that money is evil, that money, you know, is not good, and it’s better to give up your attachment to money and all of that – and all of that is well and good. Yet, I desire to be a very spiritual person but I also want to participate in the world and initiate my spiritual principles in the process of living in an economic booming community. So, how do you do that?

Well, now I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands and thousands of successful people and many of them are millionaires and many of those millionaires are very spiritual. And what I noticed was, they were first committed to happiness, joy and peace, but, second, they’re also committed to having a great life and living a great life on this earth and taking advantage of all the fun things that are here.

So, what they would do is they did five things differently than most spiritual people did.

The first one is that they set an intention to have more money. They just knew if they wanted more money that they could have it. Right, that they are the creator of their experience and if they are the creator of their experience, then why not create an experience that includes money, includes connection, includes gratitude, includes all the things that would make them feel fabulous, make them feel wonderful. So the first step is to set an intention to have more money.

The second step is to trust that you are blessed and that you deserve it. You see, the bottom line is, yes, you are spiritual, but you are spiritual if you are on this plane, so clearly, you are someone who is interested in having a great life and having lots of money otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. So, you have got to recognize that you are blessed, that you deserve it, that if you can think of it, then it’s clearly yours.

Now where people get funky around money is that they attach to it and they make it mean something about themselves, that, well, if I don’t have money then I’m a loser. Or, if I don’t have money, then I must be no good. Well, we’ll get to that. That’s something that you want to release around your beliefs about money. But just know that you’re blessed and that you deserve it.

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