Would you rather be the victim of your circumstances or the creator of your circumstances? When you are feeling that surge of negative emotion, it’s because you’ve narrowed your view to something that contradicts your opinion. You’ve told yourself, “This shouldn’t be.” Please be wary of these words and phrases: “should,” “shouldn’t,” “must,” and “have to.” This type of language creates a reality that makes you susceptible to suffering in all of its forms. You are naturally releasing your rigid opinion of how things “should be” by reading this article. You are discovering that flexibility is essential for happiness. Happiness is essential for having a great life.

Let’s look at some simple ideas that will help you have an amazing life and get you back to feeling good no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Any corrective action you take to better your life will be more effective when you feel relaxed and at peace. Here are some simple ways to get back to feeling good and eliminating negative emotions.

1. Become aware of the characteristics of negative feelings. Does your stomach tighten? Do you get tension in your neck? Do you clench your teeth? Does your breathing get shallow? Start making a mental list of the symptoms of negative thoughts for yourself.

How many times have you been taken in by your negative emotions? You say something you regret later, you do something mean, or you simply shut down. The goal here is to be empowered regardless of the situation. Therefore, knowing you are about to go down the road of negativity is crucial for redirection.

2. Learn to quickly shift your mind to a list of what you love about your life, your job, your family, your experiences, etc.

For example, a client that I coach is one of the top people on Wall Street. He is well respected and very powerful. Yet, he recently got fired and was totally stunned! During our phone call he was bewildered, frantic, upset, angry, and scared. Because I’ve coached thousands of people through these kinds of situations before, I knew this would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. To make sure of that result, he was going to have to figure out how to become empowered. Only then could he take appropriate action to rebound from this situation.

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