Yes and no. Yes, you will discover that forceful success stories desire things because they think it’s an effective survival strategy. The fear drives them and their focused intention pays off.

Are there a lot of Forceful Success Stories? Yes. Do you want to be one of them? Or do you want to live an inspired life, achieving what you seek with joy and effortlessness?

This is the power of a contribution-based mindset. The key to experiencing joy is making a difference for everyone you meet no matter what. Letting go of the fear that you won’t get what you want. Recognizing that you will get everything you want, when you help others get what they want. As you continue to develop your mindset of contribution, you start to ask questions like this: How may I serve? How can I help? What can I do to have this person feel good right now?

Should you take the time to help everyone? No. Your vision will dictate who you will help. You don’t need to worry about it. You already know that your intention will bring the perfect people, at the perfect time to you. So, should you resist helping people that don’t fit with your vision? That’s the strange part about life, you can’t always know or understand the highest and best use of your time.

When you are living in the flow, and paying attention to your vision, the right people show up. You may or may not recognize them, at first. The strange thing is, what may look like a waste of time in the moment, later could turn out to be a very important turning point in the accomplishment of your vision.

When you are in this space of peace, acting with intensity and integrity on your dreams, everything takes care of itself. Trust it. Or, be forceful and experience a driven success that does not typically carry peace with it.


  1. Dr. Sherrie says:

    I think this is an amazing post and very similar to some of the things I blog about. Getting into ourselves requires we love ourselves and that requires us to know how to do that. We need to be aware of who we are, what our limits are and the company we keep. Our blogs are similar Great minds think a like

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