Why is focusing on being grateful so powerful?

And the answer is- nobody really knows. But all of the evidence, both in anecdotes and with science, provides us with an established notion that being grateful is extremely powerful in your life.

One of the things that I noticed happens when you start putting gratitude into your life on a daily basis, is that you begin to engage those happy chemicals. You start to feel the endorphins and the dopamine and the serotonin really start to kick in, and you can feel that. You feel your happiness start to increase. Why?

Your natural state is happiness, joy, peace, bliss. That is your natural state. But when you let your mind run the show, the mind’s job is to focus in on all those things that are currently going wrong in your life, and trying to either avoid them, fix them, kill them, whatever. So, if you listen to the thinking in your head, the thinking in your head’s job is to move you away from what could potentially be dangerous and then have you either avoid it, kill it, or fix it.

And so when you go into gratitude, you’re actually going beyond what your mind is thinking. You get focused in on how now is good. Now is right. Now works. And that’s a non-fearful state. And when you’re not fearful, guess what? You’re happy. You’re fulfilled. You’re satisfied. And I highly recommend that you take a daily dose of gratitude, and you utilize that in your life.

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