Executive Leadership Coaching removes all the barriers to inspiration. When the leader is inspired, the energy of that inspiration pours through and energizes the entire company. Results naturally skyrocket.

Executive leadership coaching is a powerful tool for creating that energy and inspiration. It is about designing a collective future for the company that is so inspiring that the entire company – all of the employees, all of the players – can step into that future and take action in alignment with that future.

I’m not talking about motivating people. Motivation is different than inspiration. Motivation is external and is based on rewards and punishment. Inspiration bubbles up from the inside. Inspiration is the natural inclination to act. It is the lighting of an internal fire, and the result is immediate: powerful energy surges through the entire company. It creates a buzz and a pull towards a common future.

Great leadership is ultimately about inspiration and communication.

Now, there are times when leadership must be stern and drive accountabilities. But the ultimate leader speaks about the future in such a way that the future he or she sees inspires the entire company. And everybody gets behind it and takes action on their own. The results can be so astounding that accountability becomes moot. The leader doesn’t push. He lights the spirits of the entire team with a vision that works – and works for everyone.

That’s the key! The vision works for everybody. There are two common mistakes that leaders make when trying to inspire their team. First, they are inspiring the wrong team. If you speak the vision and people don’t get it, consider you may have the wrong group. You can’t get pigs to fly, but if you have a vision that includes rolling around in the mud, no accountability is necessary for the pigs.

The second mistake inspiring leaders make is speaking the vision one way and one way only. You will know you have the right team when you speak the vision the first time and they all get excited. The next thing to do is discover what that vision means to each individual on the team and learn how to speak the company’s vision inside of the context of the employees. This insures they will get it at the core of their own being. No push will be necessary because there will be an internal drive to achieve the vision.

Executive leadership coaching is about learning to orient your language, your thinking process, and your perspective such that when you speak, everyone around you is inspired to take action on their dreams. And this begets results for the dream of the company, as well. Everything is in sync.

In your business, results will flourish to the point where accountability structures are bypassed again and again. It becomes easy when the leader inspires.

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