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Open Letter To The Tribe
“When your mind is free from the distractions created by resistance, you are free to create your dream life.” - Matthew Ferry

A quiet mind is a peaceful mind not burdened by negative chatter and unwanted interruptions. A quiet mind is the platform for creating an epic life.

When your mind is quiet, you see things clearly. You stop resisting other people and the circumstances of life. You stop believing and adhering to the illogical standards that make sure you feel less than. With a quiet mind, you are finally free from the irrational fears that cause self-sabotage. 

Here’s my promise. The more you implement what I am about to teach you, the more fearless you will become. And that is a good thing! Fearlessness creates a big boost in your confidence. It has the power to improve almost every area of your life. The deeper you get into this process, the faster you are going to get that pep back in your step. As a result, you’ll find yourself smiling more and enjoying life. 

When you feel free and relaxed, your curiosity becomes insatiable. Suddenly, you feel compelled to go after the meaningful goals that create your version of an epic life. The articles I write and the programs I offer focus on "perspective." The ability to control your perspective is the foundation to becoming an enlightened being. That’s my ultimate goal for you. 

Practicing the perspectives in this book will help you to transcend the insanity of your mind. When that happens, you have achieved what is traditionally called Enlightenment. 

Let me give you my definition of Enlightenment… so you understand our endgame together. 

“Enlightenment is the recognition that the source of life within you is also the source of life in everyone and everything else. We are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety.” 

When you truly see that the source of life within you is also the source of life in everyone and everything else. When you see that we are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety… and the only thing that makes us different... is our perspective about it… then, BOOM! 

In that moment, everything changes. Fear disappears. Suddenly you realize there is no reason to be afraid. You instantly recognize that if the source of life in you is the source of everything, then there is nothing to fear, resist, avoid, repel, change or otherwise fight against. 

In this state, you suddenly forgive everyone for everything. You stop resisting and you start appreciating. 

You appreciate the good things. The bad things. The breakthroughs and the breakdowns. They all suddenly seem perfect in the grand scheme. 

Recognizing the perfection of everything creates an immediate feeling of peace. You find yourself smiling all the time. 

In your enlightened state, stress, worry, and fear become irrelevant. They don’t make sense to you anymore. 

Enlightenment is very practical. When worry and fear become irrelevant “You are free to move about the cabin people!” You are free to create the life you want. You are unbound. You are free. 

From this new perspective that the source of life within you, is the source of life in everyone and everything, you rise above the limitations of cultural conditioning. You don‘t have to follow the rules anymore. Everything is up for evaluation. You see the dogma for what it is: Stories, made up by well-meaning people. But stories nonetheless. Not valid. Not true. Not real. You feel free. The invisible barriers disappear. 

When your mind is quiet, your limiting beliefs feel like a bad joke that you were playing on yourself. You laugh at the beliefs you used to have, and naturally, effortlessly, they stop limiting you. 

A quiet mind state is an enlightened state. When you are enlightened you recognize that you are infinite and you know it. With nothing distracting you in your mind, you feel your unlimited nature. You recognize that you are in a body and it has limitations but your intuition tells you that you are not your body and you are unlimited. With a quiet mind, all that stuff that you used to resist about yourself, the stuff you used to resist about the people in your life, about your job, about your family… poof… that resistance no longer makes sense. 

If you are them, and they are you, if we are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety, then resistance seems silly. As a result, it just melts away in your Enlightened Perspective. 
Now… Don’t get me wrong.

The world is still the same world from before. There are still disasters, breakdowns, failure, and misunderstandings. People still get upset with you, and your projects still fail. There are still politics, crime, bad behavior and natural disasters, but in an enlightened state, hardly anything bugs you or takes you off your game. 

When your mind is free from the clutter created by resistance, agitation, annoyances, doubts, fears, uncertainty… you are free to focus on what matters. You aren’t distracted by the mind's obsession with looking good, being right, judging people, avoiding negativity, or being popular. 

All that suffering caused by your judgments subsides. 

You are no longer burdened by lamenting thoughts like “Am I doing it right? Do they like me? Am I going to succeed? Am I good enough?” 

In your enlightened state, all that mental chatter is transcended and you are freakishly free - wildly free - more free than you have ever been in your life. 

Why? Think about it like this: When you are enlightened you see things as they are. You see that we are all one thing expressing itself with an infinite variety. 

You are no longer subject to the influence of your perceptual filters and stories your mind tells you. This creates the ability to maintain a calm and peaceful state in a chaotic and uncertain world. Can you imagine a world where almost nothing takes you off your game? 

That is very practical. Thank you for joining me on this journey. 

Matthew Ferry
Matthew Ferry’s promise is simple: Quiet your mind so you can create an epic life, that is filled with Enlightened Prosperity. His down to earth approach empowers you to rise above the unwanted chatter and negativity of the mind. Matthew says, “When your mind is quiet, you feel profound peace and your life becomes extraordinary. No ashram required.”

For the last 26 years, Matthew has been coaching thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity. His books, audios and seminars utilize his street tested methodology called The Rapid Enlightenment Process; a guaranteed system to achieve profound states of happiness and success in life.
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