Chapter 4: Quiet Mind Epic Life
The Rapid Enlightenment Process Explained
Are you ready? Let's go.

The Rapid Enlightenment Process helps you create a state of everlasting peace where worry and fear become irrelevant.

The Rapid Enlightenment Process helps you rise above cultural conditioning, limiting dogma and unexamined beliefs.

The Rapid Enlightenment Process helps you see that all is well in the world. There is nothing to resist or push against.

The Rapid Enlightenment Process causes you to adopt Enlightened Perspectives, which produce the sense that all is well—regardless of the circumstances you will find yourself.

From an Enlightened Perspective, the positions of the ego are abandoned. You are free to experience and express whatever
uplifts or inspires you. From an Enlightened Perspective, suffering is transcended as you realize nothing needs to be changed, altered, or avoided.

From an Enlightened Perspective, the world is whole and complete, exactly as it is. Urgency is replaced with a deep connection to your infinite nature.

As a result, accomplishment becomes effortless. Peace of mind is pervasive.

I call this Enlightened Prosperity.

The word enlightened has its origin in the Middle English word “inlihtan” (or “to shine”). The word prosperity has its origin in
the Latin word “prosperus” (or “doing well”). 

When experiencing Enlightened Prosperity, your essence is
shining through cultural conditioning, limiting dogma, and unexamined beliefs. You are doing well personally, professionally,
mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Everything is working. You are unlimited. You are free.

The only thing between you and the Enlightened Prosperity you seek is limiting dogma.

Limiting dogma creates a paradigm that places an arbitrary ceiling on your happiness, your success, and your self-expression.

There is no way to prove if your beliefs about yourself and the world are true. But you still believe them. You defend your positions, points of view, and perspectives as if they are important for the well-being of the species. Sometimes you even act like your life depends on them.

In a nutshell, you are following rules that don’t exist:
• You are living via beliefs that limit you
• You defend perspectives that are a figment of your imagination
• You diminish yourself because you don’t meet arbitrary standards
• You feel bad because you don’t measure up

Cultural conditioning, limiting dogma, and unexamined beliefs are the tethers holding you back from ascending into enlightened states. They literally block you from the recognition that the source of life within you is the source of life in everyone and everything else. We are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety.

The Rapid Enlightenment Process is a series of contextual shifts that destroy cultural conditioning, limiting dogma and unexamined beliefs and replaces them with new enlightened dogma (aka Enlightened Perspectives).

As I like to say, “If you are going to make things up, why not make things up that feel good?”

The Rapid Enlightenment Process recontextualizes the fundamental questions about the meaning of life and your role in it while striving to create the most empowering context possible.

This means that the Rapid Enlightenment Process exposes you to a new set of contexts that naturally cause you to move away from survival mind to quiet mind and from limiting dogma to enlightened dogma.
The Rapid Enlightenment Process produces Enlightened Perspectives.

Years ago, my wife, Kristen was having dinner with a group of people she met at a personal development seminar. At the end of the meal, someone offered to pick up the check and treat everyone to dinner. One woman said, “Thank you so much. I have a track record for getting things for free!” Kristen’s eye turned the size of quarters. “Wow,” she thought, “Now there’s an awesome context to live inside.” Yep, that’s some effective dogma in action.

Look, I know you were born predisposed to unique perspectives and behaviors. But you may not know how you got this way:
• You aren’t like your brothers and sisters
• You see things differently than your parents
• You were born with irrational fears, and you know it
• You like chocolate, others like vanilla
• You have no idea where these propensities and preferences come from

To illustrate my point, let me give you some examples of cultural conditioning, limiting dogma, and unexamined beliefs to consider. To keep it short, I’ll refer to it all as dogma.

Cultural dogma:
• Men work and women raise the babies
• Get a job, start a family, and save for retirement
• You have to put the kid's needs above your own
• Find a good man who can take care of you
• You need to marry to validate you are a good man

Religious dogma:
• Follow the rules in the books
• God is judging you
• God will be offended if you say the wrong thing
• I have to tithe
• I have to recite incantations
• Heaven and hell exist

Sexual dogma:
• Sex is dirty
• Sex is sacred
• Sex is private
• Sex is only for married people

Atheist dogma:
• There is no God
• There is no purpose to life
• Birth, life, and death are completely random
• My actions have no impact on the greater whole

Success dogma:
• I have to get a college degree
• When I accomplish X, I can stop working
• The more I achieve, the happier I will be
• Successful people compromise their values to get ahead
• My family is successful, so I have to be
• I don’t have the same advantages as other people

Money dogma:
• Money is bad
• Money is good
• I have to save money
• I have to give to charity
• Rich people are unethical
• Poor people are lazy
• My value is determined by my bank account
• I have to make a certain amount of income each year in order to feel accomplished

Physical body dogma:
• I have to work out in order to stay healthy
• Pampering yourself is a luxury
• Others thrive on little sleep
• I have to get up early to be successful

Over time, each of us accidentally adopts a set of dogma (or beliefs) about the world. Then, we’ll fill in the gaps with guesses about what’s going on. Some of it is cultural, some gender-based, and some are familial. The origin doesn’t matter.

In the end, you can’t answer life’s fundamental questions but that doesn’t stop you from making up a story and defending it like you know the answers.

As human beings, we seem to be hard-wired to develop stories about the meaning of life, how to live, what happens when we die, what it means to be a good person, and so on.

Whatever version we adopt isn’t the “truth,” it’s dogma.

Limiting dogma is what blocks you from experiencing a quiet mind.

The Rapid Enlightenment Process is a series of contextual shifts that destroy cultural conditioning, limiting dogma and unexamined beliefs and replaces them with new enlightened dogma (Enlightened Perspectives).

In a nutshell, it moves you from survival mind to quiet mind.

There are four components of The Rapid Enlightenment Process:
1. Seeing the mind as a survival mechanism: The Drunk Monkey (Chapter 5)
2. Understanding what causes The Drunk Monkey to talk: The Hidden Motives To Survive (Chapter 6)
3. Transcending the mind’s limiting dogma: Recontextualization (Chapter 7)
4. Piercing through the veil of the denial mechanism: Muscle testing (Chapter 8)

When you recontextualize the fundamental questions about the meaning of life and your role in it, you naturally begin to create
an empowering context. When you are living in an empowering context, you move out of a survival context, and the mind
begins to quiet.

This is why no amount of self-help, or personal development aimed to master the mind, overcome the mind, change it, transform it, alter it, or train your mind, will ever produce a quiet mind state.

You must transcend the mind. To do that, you must eliminate its purpose for talking in the first place.

That’s what we are about to do.

In the coming chapters, I am going to take you step-by-step through each component of the Rapid Enlightenment Process,
and then share proven Enlightened Perspectives that will cause your mind to go quiet.

Let’s begin.

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