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"The Principles in Matthew Ferry's book have truly changed my life. I recommend Quiet Mind Epic Life to anyone desiring real information with no hype."
- Carol Butler
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Rave Reviews for Quiet Mind Epic Life
"This book is filled with practical value as opposed to the typical "feel good" material that passes through the inspirational/spiritual circuit. If I could give more than 5 stars, you can trust that I would. Highly recommend!"
- Ciji Siddons
"Give yourself the GREATEST GIFT by reading this book, employing his strategies and recommending it to all of your like minded friends. For we are all connected as one."
- Jay Campbell
"So many other books I've read have so much rhetoric and fluff. But not this book. Matthew outlines the exact strategies and path to living an Enlightened life. After following his strategies in the book, I've been able to tame my ego and take major strides forward in my life."
- David Keesee
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Quiet Mind Epic Life Featured on Desert Living TV
Bryan Gallo host of Desert Living interviews Quiet Mind Epic Life author Matthew Ferry
Order the physical copy and Kindle versions here...
Order the audiobook here...
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Open Quiet Mind Epic Life and let Matthew Ferry walk you step-by-step through his Rapid Enlightenment Process
  • The first thing I tell my private coaching clients who’ve “made it” and are still dealing with negative mind chatter - pg. 1
  • How recognizing this one thing will INSTANTLY SHIFT YOU into a more effective and productive state of mind. - pg. 3
  • The hidden benefit of living with a quiet mind (and why it’s been what you’ve really been seeking all this time) - pg. 4
  • The audacious claim that will prove you’ve actually been doing the wrong things to attain peace of mind, joy, fearlessness and calm in your life. And why you will never have to ________ ever again - pg. 8
  • The #1 Self-Help Myth that has actually been blocking your advancement without you even realizing it - pg. 9
  • Why you go from good mood, to agitated and upset so fast. And why it isn’t your fault. You’ll instantly see the most disturbing fact about self-help and the “cover-up” that happens to all seekers like you and me - pg. 10
  • Understand why I am “crystal clear” that you don’t have pervasive, profound, overwhelming peace and joy even though you have a good life - pg. 16
  • Why the idea of “change your thinking, change your life” is a lie that no one talks about. - pg. 18
  • Two things you MUST KNOW about the mind and it’s role in experiencing enlightenment - pg. 20
  • Three phases of self-help, and why you accidentally get stuck in Phase 3(once you see it, you can break free) - pg. 21
  • Five traditional approaches from the “guru parade” that do not produce lasting results, even though everyone wishes they did - pg. 28
  • What the SPIRITUAL PARADOX is so you can avoid it - pg. 31
  • The four little known abilities that are available in when in an enlightened state - pg. 36
  • My top 6 favorite qualities of being in an enlightened state, and what you can expect when you get there - pg. 40
  • How ‘following rules that don’t exist’ limits your spiritual advancement without you even realizing it- pg. 48
  • The difference between ‘enlightened dogma’ and ‘limiting dogma’ and the unique realms that they each occupy (understand this, and you’ll see a quantum leap in your understanding of how to transcend the mind and go into a quiet mind state) - pg. 50
  • Seven debilitating types of limiting dogma that are influencing you right now, and why you think they are “the truth.” - pg 51
  • The four ‘pillars’ of the Rapid Enlightenment Process, and the kind of shifts they produce that cause your mind to go quiet - pg. 54
  • What the MOUTH PIECE of your survival mind really is, and how to spot it in action - pg. 57
  • The #1 problem with self-help and why people get stuck in The Personal Development Prison (when you find out about it you'll instantly feel a sense of freedom) - pg. 61
  • 18 survival based emotions that repeatedly drive you back into conforming with the status quo - pg. 65
  • Ten ‘motives’ that drive the survival mind. THIS IS THE #1 INSIGHT THAT CAUSES the mind to go quiet - pg. 67
  • The function of the consciousness “Periodic Chart of Elements” in attaining a quiet mind (master these and you’ll naturally be a peace) - pg. 69
  • What ACTUALLY gets “The Drunk Monkey” (my nickname for negative mind chatter) to start spewing opinions, concerns, judgements, and doomsday predictions... so you are no longer impacted by it - pg. 71
  • PLUS: Get an in-depth listing of the 10 “fuel sources” of negative mind chatter, so you can eliminate it - pg. 77
  • How to immediately apply the wisdom of three baseball umpires to how you approach your day-to-day experience with predictable, and impressive results - pg. 86
  • The ACTUAL JOB enlightenment has in your life - pg. 88
  • Why learning to talk about things differently is one of the four components of The Rapid Enlightenment Process (and how to use it to your advantage right away) - pg 90
  • The vital questions you need to ask yourself about why I thought I injured my knee as a kid - pg. 99
  • The MAJOR ADVANTAGE you get with a quiet mind - pg. 101
  • How Applied Kinesiology opens the door to rapidly reducing negative mind chatter - permanently - pg. 105
  • The two areas where your language has tremendous power over your life (very few people realize the second one exists) - pg. 105
  • Four things that can be like “toxic waste” and massive limit your ability to function as a spiritual seeker - pg. 111
  • The distinct difference between ‘strong and weak’ using Applied Kinesiology to “recontextualize" - pg. 115
  • Proven statements that cause the mind to quiet regardless of your beliefs, your culture or your socio-economic standing - pg. 119
In addition to walking you step-by-step through the Rapid Enlightenment Process, Matthew also gives you 10 FREE Healing Meditations, 23 FREE Daily Practices delivered as videos and full transcripts, PLUS... dozens of "Enlightened Perspectives"  proven to the quiet the mind.
Check Out What Others Are Saying About Matthew Ferry's new book!
"I was wowed by it and loved every word of it, agreed with every word of it, am so very excited to have found “exactly what I needed”!
 - Diane Steffensen
“Thank you so much for sharing this powerful message.” 
- Karen Chase
"I am just starting my journey to enlightenment. I am finding this very uplifting."
- Cherie Hack
"Epic life is one of the most impactful books I've read in a long time. Matthew has the unique ability to teach in such a way that your journey of personal development will never be the same."
- David Keesee
"I particularly appreciate the specificity with which Matthew delineates the "anatomy" of ego-based consciousness and activity ... AND ... provides exceeding clear and direct ANTIDOTES to each one."
- Dr. David Kamnitzer
"It is not often you come across such a heart felt read."
- Jeff Adler
"Matthew cuts through the veil of dogma with the precision and focus of a samurai swordsman, revealing an entirely new relationship with enlightened consciousness on the other side."
- Tom Ross
And That's JUST the First 119 pages
Inside Quiet Mind Epic Life you also get access to 10 FREE Healing Meditations, 23 FREE Daily Practices delivered as videos and full transcripts, PLUS... dozens of FREE "Enlightened Perspectives" proven the quiet the mind.
Order the physical copy and Kindle versions here...
Order the audiobook here...
Quiet Mind Epic Life Kindle version hit Amazon's #1 Hot New Release in Spiritual Self Help
Matthew Ferry’s promise is simple: Quiet your mind so you can create an epic life, that is filled with Enlightened Prosperity. His down to earth approach empowers you to rise above the unwanted chatter and negativity of the mind. Matthew says, “When your mind is quiet, you feel profound peace and your life becomes extraordinary. No ashram required.”

For the last 26 years, Matthew has been coaching thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity. His books, audios and seminars utilize his street tested methodology called The Rapid Enlightenment Process; a guaranteed system to achieve profound states of happiness and success in life.
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