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“Just go. You cannot explain it. Just go.” - Sarah A
“It is not anything like anything else that is out there.” - Chris K
This is the absolute place to be, and the only place to be as far as I am concerned.” - Mindy P
“My mind is calm, it’s quiet. All the mental chatter is gone.” 
- DeAnna L
“One of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had.” 
- Cuthberto R
“I am so enthusiastic to go get my dreams and goals.” 
- George L
Mastermind Members Share Their Experiences...
Powerful Stories of Client's Lives Before and After working with Matthew...
He wasn't really living the life he wanted.
Ken was tired. After a challenging divorce, he found himself unsure about the future.

He knew what he wanted, but he had no idea how to get it.
Ken is a hard working guy who has been dreaming the same dreams for a long time... without success.

When he would start to move toward his what he REALLY wanted, doubt, fear and concern would creep in and he found himself pulled between "I have a good life" and "where are my big dreams?"

It wasn't until he learned how his mind is naturally hard-wired to block him from taking action that everything began to change.

After discovering the ways his mind was stopping him, Ken systematically developed a mindset he could use his advantage. It took time, but by applying the tools and techniques I gave him, things started to shift.

Today, Ken is newly married (and happier than he imagined he could be), he's moved to a warmer climate and is feeling more alive than any other time in his life.
Power Mindset Training
The techniques I taught Ken are from Transforming Fear Into Action.
Transforming Fear Into Action contains intensive, game-changing lessons that will catapult you to the next level of confidence. This is a set of techniques that reduce your fear of taking action and quiet your mind. You will begin to live exactly how you’ve always dreamed you would.
    Transforming Fear Into Action includes:
    • 13 videos
    $495 or get it for $1 inside The P3 Academy
    He assumed he would be wealthy someday… but not today :-(
    He changed his mindset and the wealth flooded into his life…
    Dave is a top real estate salesperson. Young, vibrant, and full of possibility. In his mind real estate was a stepping stone to his true vision of being a real estate investor.

    His vision board was filled with images of condo buildings and apartments he imagined building and investing in some day.

    For some reason, that didn’t translate into the actions necessary to be an investor and build wealth today.

    I asked him, “What is your first investment going to be?” 

    What came out of his mouth was a telling sign of his true mindset…

    He told me that someday in the future, once he had enough money, once he was a little more established, once he had higher sales production, once he blah blah blah… excuse, excuse, excuse…

    Once all the conditions of life were perfectly aligned (which was apparently based on his “all knowing assumptions” about how life worked)… then… and only then...  he would start living his dream of being a real estate investor.  

    He tried to convince me that… until all of those conditions were correct… he would have to slug it out as an agent and work for every dollar like a slave to his business and his life. Ugh!
    His Vision Board Was Like Putting A Pig In A Dress... And Hoping It Would Turn Into A Princess
    Mindset was the real issue stopping him from achieving his goal of being a real estate investor.  

    I asked Dave to use a process to shift from “I know how the world works and I’m limited by it” to “Hmm? I wonder what is possible?”

    To do that... he need to start an investigation.  I asked him to set aside his assumptions about what it was going to take to be an investor and follow the 8-step manifesting process: a process that naturally and effortlessly puts you on the path to achieving your goals.

    Here are the steps he followed:
    • Set an intention to be an investor.
    • Start giving The Gift™ to everyone you interact with.
    • Don’t worry about how it will all happen.  
    • Tell everyone who asks you... what you are looking to do.
    • Step over know one, connect deeply with everyone.
    • Play The Perfect Game™
    • Ride the waves of energy as they rise and fall.
    • Open your eyes to the ideas and opportunities that come your way.

    He agreed to follow the steps and 7 days later his first investment fell in lap from a person he never expected it to come from. 

    The floodgates opened up and he’s been on a an amazing path to building wealth ever since.
    Here’s an expert of the email he sent me…
    “As I reflect on what I've done and where I'm at, I keep recalling this conversation we had in August 2012 where you asked me what I wanted to do.  We talked about investments and you asked why I thought I needed money to be an investor

    Now, in February I will be done with a new building in hoboken that I bought March 2013 for $1million.  It cost $1.25mill more to knock down and rebuild.  And we will sell out in March of this year for $4.2mill.  I put $100 of my own funds in to form the LLC, and I'll make $1million plus the commission of $200k

    Last month I bought half a block in in my city for $3.7million. I did put in $400k of my own funds that I made From wholesaling and flipping.  We will build 16 condos and I will make $2.5million in 2017.  My Ira is worth $400k even though I've only ever contributed $100k.  I own 15 rental properties and I'm selling 3 other rental properties next month to profit $550k.  I'm happy!  I feel very, very rich.”
    - Dave

    Everything changed, when he changed his mindset from, “this is how life works and I’m limited by it” to “Hmm?  I wonder what’s possible?” The 8-Step Manifesting process is the key!

    Now it’s your turn to go from Dream Board to Dream Life. What will you manifest today? What’s been on your dream board forever... but never comes together?
    Profit Mind Training
    The techniques I taught Dave are from The Mental Journey to Millions.
    Mental Journey to Millions (MJM as we lovingly call it) helps you identify and resolve this internal conflict and gives you the tools to have a prosperous life, on your terms. Learn how to use these paradoxes do your advantage...
    • Slow down to speed up your results.
    • Go within to manifest massive abundance.
    • Give to others and receive everything you're looking for.
      The Mental Journey To Millions Program includes:
      • 13 videos
      • 1 PDF workbook
      $795 or get it for $1 inside The P3 Academy
      Her life made her unhappy and sick until this...
      Sally (not her real name) was sick. Sick of her life. Sick of the struggle. Sick of the grind.

      Sally did what her mentors told her to do, created a super productive business and now she was stressed to the max all the time.

      She turned to personal development books to try and solve the problem.

      Next thing you know she was doing affirmations everyday, meditating, visualizing and trying to recondition her nervous system. 

      But it only worked a little. Her life still felt overwhelming and the struggle was still there.
      One Shift Made All The Difference
      Rather than change her life, she practiced techniques to accept her life.

      What you accept, will transform and conversely, what you resist will persist.

      Through mindset training, Sally worked diligently to accept herself. She made peace with the fact that she is more sensitive than other people. She went through the process of accepting the other people in her life.

      Almost magically, everything started to change. She didn’t seek to create the change… yet, it all started getting easier. She began smiling more. She started exuding more positivity. And…

      As you can imagine… she became a better wife, step mom, friend and business person.  Pretty cool, right?

      What can you accept that you have been resisting today?
      Peace of Mind Training
      The techniques I taught Sally are from Ridiculous Bliss
      In this life transforming program you will learn:
      • Eliminate debilitating stress from your life.
      • Make your fears disappear and get back in action.
      • Recapture your inspiration and enthusiasm for life
      • Harness the power of your thoughts to be happy now
      • Become a magnet for good fortune
      • Attract life changing opportunities.
      • Let go of habits that make you unhappy
        The Ridiculous Bliss Program includes:
        • 9 audios
        • 13 videos
        • 3 visualizations
        • 7 PDF worksheets
        $295 or get it for $1 inside The P3 Academy
        What others have to say about Matthew's programs....
        "Since finding Matthew Ferry my life has turned a corner. I have gained more confidence, a sense of hope, a relaxed and happy day to day life. He has helped me improve my relationships and have the confidence to expect money and things to go my way. I feel like a different person – just laid back and happy with life. I feel so lucky."
        - Nat Exceeder
        "This is amazing. I can’t even believe how I achieve the success in happiness in my life for these few days. Thank you Matthew. You are really admirable."
        - J Ferdando
        "I have grown more in last 6 months and learned more about myself with Matthew Ferry than I believed imaginable. He helped me align myself with who I really am and create an environment that supports what I am committed to and who I am committed to being - and from this place anything I want is possible. I am now in such a state of joy and so inspired by my life and the amazing things happen everyday. From this place my business has more than tripled and my relationships with family and friends are stronger and more purposeful than they have ever been."
        - Anika Lewis
        "Matthew Ferry is a speeding freight train and both his message and results are equally as powerful! His approach has dramatically impacted the way I do business and most importantly, my bottom-line profits. If you are willing to open your mind to exciting new possibilities, then Matthew is your guy."
        - Michael Krisa
        "Since starting the program with Matthew Ferry I have doubled my sales and went from driving a minivan to buying my first Lexus!!!"
        - Mella Skow
        "After a couple of months of Matthew's material, I am seeing changes on a weekly basis. I have a renewed outlook on my life and the people I associate with. I have learned to move forward and stop letting people influence me in a negative way. As I learn more about my behavior, I realize how repulsing I was and can be. I have started to see an increase in my business production."
        - Cara Fox
        "Matthew, you have totally changed my perspective in life. My only regret is I hadn’t found you sooner. I am in a state of bliss most of the time. You bring a lot of inspiration into my life."
        - Victoria
        "What a remarkable experience! Once the light of awareness has shown on your actions and thoughts there is no going back into the darkness. Thank you for awakening me into a world of conscious choice!"
        - Arthur Kleinpell
        "Matthew Ferry is a real miracle worker. As a matter of fact, when I read or listen to his words miracles happen just like that! Ever since I read Matthew’s book, Creating Sales Velocity in 2007 I have been writing my miracles down daily. In the meantime my 4th book is almost full with daily miracles. That is at least a 1000 pages in really small writing, both sides full. Some really small miracles and some really miraculous having immediately sold a house in 1 viewing for more money than anybody ever dreamed possible or driving the car from A to B in an amount of time that is not at possible plus many others. The power of the visualization is incredible! Just a thought and the universe delivers."
        - Samuela Deraney
        "Things seem to be falling in to place and business is coming in with less effort than usual. We are hitting our first quarter goals with ease. My wife and I look at each other and say: “wow, this stuff is really working.”
        - Curtis Dady
        "Matthew, I wish I had met you 30 years ago. I have been searching for a method to change my mindset for many, many years. I read all the “positive mindset” books over the years but they never gave a way to change. So, thank you!"
        - Joe Herbert
         "Working with Matthew has been my extreme good fortune. It has been like buying Apple stock at $9 with the growth to $700 occurring in all areas of my life. It's been the single greatest investment I've ever made."
        - Ron Rubin
        "I feel stronger this week! Nothing is going to knock my positive mindset down!"
        - Patricia LaPrairie
        "I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You are a rare combination of truth and effectiveness. I’ve been hearing all these things separately for at least 8 years but your “15 Strategies” are the essence of someone who has truly searched for a way to explain to others a higher way. Sincerely devoted with you to make a difference in this world."
        - Felipe Cura

        "Things seem to be falling in to place and business is coming in with less effort than usual. We are hitting our first quarter goals with ease. My wife and I look at each other and say: “wow, this stuff is really working.”
        - Curtis Dady
        "Of all my business consultants and coaches I have used in the past, Matthew Ferry has been the one that simultaneously has made my business explode and gave me a true vision about who I really am. Because of his training, I am living my dream life right now. I currently have an amazing business and an incredibly happy and fulfilled life. What is so amazing is that both feed off each other in a powerful way. I feel like I always have balance. I truly believe that Matthew is the only coach who can do both!!!"
        - Craig Medici
        "Matthew Ferry rocks!! I so enjoyed this process, it felt and still feels like an unwinding. I feel less rigid, I simply feel happier. I still get some of the same challenges but I handle them better, quicker, clearer, and there is less DRAMA in the process. Magic is happening in my life. I really believe in these teachings yet this process got me using them in a practical way."
        - Sharon Rainey
        "After 8 years of intense "business" coaching where I made lots of money & learned savvy business skills, I found myself stressed out & pretty empty. Matthew Ferry has a gift that allows you to rediscover the great in yourself and everything around you. He's the coach on the sidelines screaming.. "Have fun!" "Be grateful!" "Laugh dammit!"
         -Becky Farley
        * The success stories, testimonials, case studies and product reviews on our webpages are, to our knowledge, true and accurate. They were provided willingly, without any compensation offered in return or they are a recount of actual events used for illustrative purposes only. The success stories, testimonials, case studies and product reviews do not represent typical or average results. Many people do not implement anything we teach them. We can't make anyone follow our trainings, and we obviously can't promise that our trainings, as interpreted and implemented by everyone, are going to achieve for everyone the kinds of results they have helped others achieve.
        Matthew Ferry’s promise is simple: Quiet your mind so you can create an epic life, that is filled with Enlightened Prosperity. His down to earth approach empowers you to rise above the unwanted chatter and negativity of the mind. Matthew says, “When your mind is quiet, you feel profound peace and your life becomes extraordinary. No ashram required.”

        For the last 26 years, Matthew has been coaching thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity. His books, audios and seminars utilize his street tested methodology called The Rapid Enlightenment Process; a guaranteed system to achieve profound states of happiness and success in life.
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