Stepping Out of Destruction

This morning I got up and went to the gym. Whew!!! It’s been 25 days. Last night I realized I’d been in a breakdown. It all started with a 7 day holiday in Hawaii. When I was there I indulged on foods I don’t normally eat, didn’t exercise and my sleep cycle changed with the time zone. When I returned home I had (stupidly in hindsight) scheduled myself to work for 10 days straight. I never gave myself time to gently return to my routine.

Looking back, I can see that I was smiling on the outside but slightly complaining on the inside. Those complaints are attractive. They led to justifications of destruction. “I deserve to have this sugar! I’ve been working hard!” My Drunk Monkey would say to me and “You are to tired to get up and workout” Well next thing I knew my thinking started getting cloudy, I began getting grumpy. The worse it got, the worse it became.

All it takes to get off the destruction train is one action. Last night on a business call I admitted to a business partner that I was on a downward spiral and that today I was going to take steps in a positive upward spiral. In other words I admitted it publicly and declared new actions publicly. That was the trick. This morning I feel great. I plan to keep moving myself in the direction of feeling good again. How about you?

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