How to Unstick the Miracles that Want You

A series of events occurred with a powerful entrepreneurial woman that produced miracles.

Here is a quote my mentor Dr. David Hawkins from his book Eye of the I:

“(Miracles) are an eventuality that are brought into actuality by the removal of the impediments of negativity.”

In other words, miracles are trying to happen and you are blocking them.  The key is to remove the impediments of negativity.  Negativity is the resistance you have to how life actually is.  Negativity impedes (stops the flow of) miracles.  If you stop resisting life, people etc, then miracles will happen naturally.

Back to my client:  We have a call today.  She breaks down into tears and says, “Everything is stuck.  I have all these deals around me that aren’t coming together!”  With further investigation we discover that she is afraid that she is a failure and that if she fails no one will love her.  I asked her, “Who is the one person you know will be most disappointed by your failure?”  She said it was her mom.  I asked her to call her mom as soon as we hung up and just be honest about where she is in her life.  “Tell her how scared you are.  Admit that you are struggling to keep it all together.  Let her know that you are afraid that you are going to disappoint her with your failure and that she may not love you any more!”  I told her.

Hearing me say all of this back she started laughing, “This is crazy” she blurted out!  “I know my mom will love me no matter what I do.”  My comment was pointed, “The Drunk Monkey is dillusional!”  So she hangs up and calls her mom.  Here are the two emails I get from her within two hours.

Email One:

“thank you – spent 30 minutes on the phone with mom and was  blown away by how much she loves me.  She even offered to have me come live with her. crazy, eh? I feel heavy and light, serious and silly, and well, excited.  Something just massively shifted. – thank you”

Two hours later – Email Two:

“In the last 60 minutes:  I learned the big client I’ve been chasing called while you and I were on the phone!  Just left him a message (free and light and totally unattached).
My mom called BACK and shared a story about when my Aunt had to get back on her feet… and that if I need to live with her, I am welcome.  I just got money in the mail! I just got word that I have enough equity in my insurance policies to pay premium through October!  I received a request to complete a brand new audit for a small business lender!  … and well, I am smiling ear to ear!”

4 Hours Later – Conversation we had

She is raving with excitement and tells me “Holy Cow!  I’m on fire!  I spoke with a Realtor client about doing some future joint ventures (I do the branding and marketing and he does the sales).  He was very excited about the possibilities but told me, to not get too excited because he didn’t have any work for me.  I told him that if we put our attention on it, miracles would happen.  Two hours later he forwards me an email from a builder who suddenly has two projects we could potentially work on!!  Hello!!”

When you remove the impediments of negativity, miracles abound!  What do you need to stop resisting today?

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    What a great story, thank you for sharing Matthew!

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