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As a student and teacher of influential language patterns for over two decades, I love setting intentions.

The other day a gentleman named Ed emailed me one of his intentions: To believe in my ability to consistently produce the results needed for success, regardless of the Market or my circumstances.

Very powerful stuff.

I really like how Ed is accountable for his success, no matter what. This is a trait of a high producer.

And, yet something in his intention caught my attention…

The word “consistently.”

Check out the perspective I shared with Ed about the concept of “consistency.”

Hey Ed,

Have you considered that “consistently” is a standard that you invented? I suspect your standard means “foot on the gas, producing at a high level” or something like that.

This standard for “consistently” tends to ignore the natural ebb and flow of things.

Meaning, the sun isn’t always up. Waves aren’t always crashing on the beach. We aren’t always awake. There are natural ups and downs.

What if you shifted your context so that “consistently” included the down cycles? You’ve certainly had up cycles and down cycles. They are natural. But we think the down cycle is bad, when actually it’s essential.

Today, consider embracing the down cycle as part of the consistently you are looking for, and watch how consistent business really is.

What about you?

Where can you embrace the down-cycle as part of the consistency you want?

Let’s do this.

About a week ago I sent you an email titled Yes, you are that powerful. (If you missed it, click here to read it on my blog.)

After reading it Ash Stevens had a major ah-ha moment. And, she agreed to let me share it.

Before you read her email below, I want you to think about an area of your life where you are stuck… or tolerating… or just not satisfied with how it’s going.

For Ash, it was with her husband. As you are about to witness, she took my words to heart, took responsibility for the way she was perceiving her husband, and KABAM! Everything changed.

You hear me talk about the power of mindset… that mindset is the one change that changes everything. But nothing is as powerful as hearing straight from someone who has experienced first hand.

I think her email will inspire you the way it inspired me. Here is it:

“Sweet baby Jesus! It’s sooooo true! I recently got hit with the idea that all of the issues I was experiencing (or rather, perceiving) with my husband came from me and ONLY from me. As in, all in my mind because my perspective only allowed me to see what I was looking for. My remedy for this was to commit to seeing my husband as my best friend.

No more icky vulnerable BS or defensiveness or feeling attached or taking things personally. None of that! Instead I had to perceive him as my very best friend. A best friend who would always be there. A best friend who cared and was there to listen. A best friend who I could talk about absolutely anything with and have ridiculous simple fun with at any given moment. Let me tell ya…. The effects of this shift in thinking are HUGE!

There’s no way in hell I’m going to type it all out on an iPhone at 11:30 at night, but I’ll tell you this… I had a best friend in him all along. I just didn’t see it. And now that I do I’m loving my time with this guy as much as when we first got together. I can only explain it with two very carefully selected words; f***ing phenomenal. 🙂

To words! To mindset!!!” – Ash Stevens

Where is your perception of a person or a situation dis-empowering you?

Where do you feel stuck, frustrated, or unheard? Is it in your relationships, with money, at work or your self Image?

Once you determine what it is, I invite you to do what Ash did and shift the way you are perceiving or looking at it.

That’s the skill: Learning to shift your context, so you experience of what you really want.

This can be tricky stuff.

It takes practice.

In the end, it’s the path to having more power, more profit and more peace of mind.

I want that for you.

My son is forgetful.

For example, he has developed a nasty habit of forgetting things at home that he needs at school.

Which in itself, isn’t really an issue… except he has an accomplice making sure this habit stays intact: his mom.

Every time he forgets something, she saves the day.

She brings him whatever it is that he needs – whenever he needs it.

So, he has learned that he has the luxury of being forgetful.

Meaning, he doesn’t have to be responsible.

And what I am noticing is that it’s really screwing him up.

He’s figured out that being irresponsible has no consequence… at least for now.

Soon, he will learn how the world responds to a lack of personal responsibility.

Show your college roommate that you forget to pay your bills on time, and see how long they want to share an apartment with you.

Show your professor you forgot to turn in your final exam, and see how your grade comes out.

Show your boss that you forgot to call back a client… over and over… and guess how long you’ll be at that job.

Here’s the deal.

Being responsible is one of the greatest skills we can develop.

In fact, the more responsible you are, the more power, people and opportunities you have.

When you are known for being responsible, people respond.

They trust you, they want to be around you, they want to do business with you.

But when you aren’t being responsible, people notice that too.

Here’s how you can tell if you are side-stepping being responsible:
Blaming others – as if you are weak and helpless.
Blaming the circumstances – like you got stopped in some way and can’t do anything about it.
Acting entitled – like the world should do it for you.

Look, I am confident that you have a lot of responsibility.

Today, I invite you to look around your life and see where you can tighten things up.

Responsibility = Power.

What I am asking is that you take a deeper look.

Where can you be even more responsible for your words… your actions… your responses?

Hit reply and let me know.

Let’s do this.

“Have you set your goals yet?”
“What are they?”
“How are they coming along?”
“Why don’t you set bigger goals?”

Any of this sound familiar?

If you’ve done any personal development work, you know the routine.

You set goals.
You achieve some of them (you hardly acknowledge it).
You don’t achieve others (you beat yourself up…).
Then, you set the same goal (or some version of it) again.

This is the typical way.

And, it works…. kinda.

Today I want to give you the inside track on setting and achieving goals.

It’s the ins and outs of making sure you actually get what you want.

Here’s what you need to know:

Goals tend to be “fix it” in nature. “I am going to make this much money, so I don’t have to _________” (fill in thing you want to avoid).

Or, they tend to be “when I get that then________” (fill in thing you want) in nature.


Most likely you are setting goals that are ‘in order to.’

In order to look good, I have to lose X pounds.

In order to feel safe, I have make X dollars.

You get the idea.

So, you set your goals around benchmarks that you think will produce the result you want.

And that’s the problem.

You want more freedom. So, you set a big income goal.

Then you dominate yourself with work, obligations and responsibilities that strip your freedom, all in an effort to make more money, and be free.


Are you seeing the problem here?

Goals become the prison that keeps you from actually having the thing you think the goal will deliver.

So, how do we unravel this mess?


Set intentions.

Intentions are what you actually want… the experience you want to have.

It’s like this: I have an intention to drive X car, live in X house, etc.

But really, all those things do is make me feel a certain way.

When I align my thoughts with the feelings… the experience of life that these things provide… then my income naturally goes up, or I start to eat healthier, or I take whatever action promotes the intention I have set.

Suddenly, new opportunities coming that are aligned with those intentions.

That’s when things start to get really fun.

I know it seems like we are splitting hairs. But stay with me here.

When you intend for something to happen, you are not attached. (THIS IS THE SECRET SAUCE!)

You are interested and curious about that thing happening, but you aren’t in a pushing, grinding, forcing mode.

And that’s key.

Because when you are forcing and pushing for your goals to happen, you actually kill off the energy that attracts them to you.

I know it sounds weird. But I have an extreme level of mastery around this process, and I really want you to as well.

So, today consider reworking your goals… and creating intentions instead.

The more you focus on the kinds of experiences you want, the more flexible you are about how they come about.
And in the end, you get everything you really want.

Let’s do this.

Life isn’t personal.

Things aren’t happening to you.

Things are happening and then YOU react.

How you react is based on your interpretation of the situation.

It’s the classic glass half-empty, glass half-full metaphor.

The glass and the water are just sitting there… then you come along and invent your interpretation of the situation.

It’s automatic.

It’s habitual.

And it either moves you forward or moves you backward. Meaning if you view things like they are “half empty” you naturally react from a place of lack, worry and concern.

If you view things like life is “half full” you are coming from a place of abundance and perfection.

Both are perfectly valid interpretations.

Both produce wildly different results.

The secret? You MADE your reaction up.

You decided how you would interpret the situation.

And that’s awesome.

Because if you are getting half-empty results, that means you can shift your interpretation, and start to get half-full results.

It takes practice.

It takes intention and focus.

And, right now, in this moment, you have the power to shift the way you view things and produce a completely new result.

What is one area of your life where you are getting half-empty results, and you are ready to shift your reaction to it?

Today’s the day to start.

Let’s do this.