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Are you starting to see that The Drunk Monkey is not your friend. All that talking in your head is not on your side. All the talking in your head does not want you to achieve your goals. It talks you right out of taking action. Are you going to listen to it or are you going to take back control of your own life?

Experiment today. Take actions that make you feel afraid and see if the fear is real or just an illusion based on the drunk monkeys miss-perception of the world. You are not a fortune teller. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. So take action and find out the truth. Okay? If you are not watching the videos, forgive yourself and just schedule a time to watch the next one. The drunk monkey wants control over your life so it will tell you that you are too busy. Every week you have a choice. Surrender control of your life to the insain child in your head or declare yourself the creator of your own life experience, which is better for you?

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A client doing my seven steps to happiness and success ecourse wrote in saying,

“I am not sure if you respond to emails, but I am puzzled. I understand what you are saying,(Stop protecting yourself from people who aren’t attacking you) but I am skeptical about letting people in. I understand that when people disappoint you it is the expectation you had of them that has disappointed you, but when someone is downright inconsiderate do they not have to be accountable for their actions?

I am a dental hygienist and single mother and not able to find consistant work due to the fact that the number of hygienist has double in the last few years. Now dentists have a large pool of hygienists to choose from, sorry for being bitter and opinionated, but the dentists I have encountered have been fickle and evasive. Hence, I find it hard to trust again.

After being burned a few times, I have decided that I need to wait for the right position to come up that is a good fit for me. Somewhere that makes me happy and staff/boss is happy with me. I also want to be confident, which is a challenge for me. I do, however, worry that as I wait I will not have money to pay my bills/rent.”

Your point is well taken. Your industry is more competitive now and that puts the dentist in the drivers seat and you in a position of having to offer more value. The value you can bring is two fold. 1. Be great at what you do. 2. Be a great person to work with. If you are jaded and guarded, then you won’t be much fun to work with and people will treat you poorly. The drunk monkey says “because I have been burned before, be careful it migh happen again”.

First you must examine the degree to which you are telling yourself the truth. When you say burned what do you really mean. I suspect that your expectations were broken. You wanted one thing to happen but instead another thing happened. You must discipline the drunk monkey and don’t let it get away with dramatic explanations of your situation. You said the person was inconsiderate. What you really mean is that they didn’t communicate the way you see fit. It is so important that you recognize that everybody is taught a different set of communication tools by the family they were raised by. In one family you call the person up and apologize for not meeting their expectation and in another family you simply think the person should get over it. Neither is right or wrong. Just different styles. You can’t hold people accountable to your preferred style. If you want to be happy, then you must practice giving people the benefit of the doubt. Not easy but very beneficial to your emotional health.

Second you must get aligned with the way that life works. What you focus on you get. If you are focused on being causions not to get burned again then you will operate in a way that is suspicious. This will put others on guard around you. They will think you are doing something sneaky and try to get you before you get them. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

If I were coaching you I would ask you to make a list of all the qualities and characteristics of your perfect dentist, the set up, the people, the pay, the hours and the culture in the office. Then I would ask you to make a list of what you want your dentist to expect from you. Before bed every night spend a few minutes reviewing the list and then go to bed dreaming about it.

Within a few weeks the perfect situation will drop into your lap. Your job then is to drop your protection mechanism and just embrace it fully like it is the dream scenario.

While you are waiting for this perfect situation to show up, take what ever work you can get to keep paying the bills. Practice appreciating the aspects of the work that you like. And practice seeing the aspects of the work that you don’t like in a more neutral way. In other words; practice bing at peace with what ever comes. This will speed up the process of landing the perfect job.

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Are you getting it? Are you starting to see The Drunk Monkey, all that talking in your head, is running your life? Are you seeing that The Drunk Monkey isn’t interested in your goals and dreams? Are you noticing that The Drunk Monkey is trying to protect you from negative futures that aren’t even coming? This week notice how you are reacting to events that aren’t even there, figments of your imagination. Start to shine the light of awareness on The Drunk Monkey. Stop believing what it’s saying to you. Just say, “Oh thank you Drunk Monkey! You are so kind to keep me safe from negative futures that aren’t even coming! I know you want me to be safe but there is no danger so let’s just keep moving forward” Be sure to acknowledge yourself today. You are learning, growing and evolving. That’s not normal. That’s extraordinary. Do you hear me, “You are extraordinary!” Now notice how the drunk monkey won’t let that in. Have fun with The Drunk Monkey today.

Bliss is your natural state. It’s what you feel when there is no fear present.

Fear is of the mind. So more precisely, Bliss is a state of no mind.

How do you get there?

Four words: Awareness, flexibility, options/choice and power

Awareness of the nonstop talking machine in your head, which I call The Drunk Monkey

The Drunk Monkey is that talking in your head, that little voice, the devil inside, the commentator, the judge, the jerk, the nasty person who won’t shut up in our head…The one you have mistaken for yourself.

The talking in your head is not you, it’s biology.

The talking in your head is not you, it’s a survival machine.

Awareness of that gives you flexibility, and flexibility gives you options…

Ultimately what does that mean? Options mean you have a choice.

Choosing new perspectives on the situation empowers you and makes you feel good.

Once you see fear, anger, doubt, frustration, suffering, hate, sadness and anxiety for what it is, you can chose something else.

Once you see that you are The Drunk Monkey’s puppet and the strings are negative emotion, you can chose to view the situation in an empowering context that gets you inspired and in action!

Any time I feel powerless, I choose a new perspective that empowers me.

Change your point of view, change your reality. Change your reality, change your response. Change your response and you transform your world (repeat)

Awareness is the seed of power

A facebook friend asked, “I wanted to ask you how to break the habit of attention seeking or can say self importance. It feels like everything revolves around me!”

My answer:
Self importance is just the drunk monkey feeling insecure. The drunk monkey (the talking in your head) wants to look good, be right, be powerful, rich ect for one very simple reason. It mistakenly believes that being any of those things will ensure the perpetuation of your genes. Get a mate, have status and be powerful. All this is a feeble attempt to win salvation and live for ever through your spawn. Of course your are already eternal, infinite and valuable. Each person is a whirling vibrating swirl of energy that is organized into this body. Energy never dies. Your salvation is guaranteed. Tell the drunk monkey to stop burdening you with the demands of proving to the world that you are good enough to have sex with and propagate the species. Just start living and enjoying each day exactly as it is. Any way there are nearly 7 billion of us these days so your spawn is not needed