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Do you feel as though you’re pushing, struggling and forcing for the things you want in your life? I’d like to invite you to serve, contribute and make a difference for others, and do so with no agenda whatsoever. That means you give up that you need to get anything from people at all. The reason to do this is because more you serve selflessly, without any agenda at all, the more prosperity, happiness and peace comes to you.

See, ultimately, everything that you want comes to you naturally, when you’re in complete alignment and focus. And I have seen that getting yourself to a place where you are serving others, that is the place in which you get into total alignment with who you are.

I request that today you give up that need to produce results for the giving that you’re doing. A lot of people who are contributing, for example, to charities, they’re doing it in an unconscious attempt to purchase salvation. They’re thinking “I want to do this good to try to erase some of the bad doing that I’ve done in the past.” Give that up and just give to give.

On top of that, I want you to really focus on giving up your agenda, when you’re out there in the world. Let’s say you’re networking and you meet someone who is amazing. You just want to do things for them, so that you can, ultimately, bind them into doing things for you. Give that up and just do things for people, support, contribute and make a difference, because it makes you feel great. And ultimately trust that, when you feel great and you’re focused on others, what you want comes to you naturally.

Yesterday I posted the first segment of my interview with Keith Nash of The Westplex Real Estate Showcase on 94.1 KPVR, which talks about real estate.  In that interview, we talked about happiness, inspiration, and The Inspired Action Workshop I’m hosting that is coming to St. Louis March 15th!

Instead of spreading the interview out over a few days, I decided I would give it to you in full right now! Below you can listen to all 4 parts of my Keith Nash Interview.

For more information about The Westplex Real Estate Showcase,

Check out the Westplex News Talk Schedule, and visit Keith Nash at

Segment 1:

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Segment 2:

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Segment 3:

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Segment 4:

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Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by my friend Keith Nash on The Westplex Real Estate Showcase on 94.1 KPVR, which talks about real estate and community in the St Louis area. I was able to talk about my upcoming event, The Inspired Action Workshop, that is coming to St. Louis March 15th! Very exciting and inspiring stuff! Check out Part 1 of the interview:

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***Stay tuned for the rest of the interview in my upcoming blogs***

For more information about The Westplex Real Estate Showcase,

Check out the Westplex News Talk Schedule, and visit Keith Nash at

Tonight was a powerful reminder to keep my emotions under control I allowed The Drunk Monkey to derail my emotions and i suddenly found myself stopped at every step of my trip. When I finally released my resistance, the results were magical. Heres what happened.

I arrived at the airport later then I would like (45 min till take off). I was nervous about missing my flight. Not a great feeling of ease and allowing, which is my practiced state.

When I arrived at my airline to check in the line was way longer then I expected for a Monday night. I worked today (Presidents Day) so i didn’t realize that apparently many people took a holiday in the OC this weekend.

Needless to say U accidentally allowed The Drunk Monkey to chime in and take control. Anxiety hit and I tried to preoccupy my mind with my iPhone. Consequently I missed the fact that there was a business select line which had no one in it. I finally realized when someone walked right past me and to the front of the line!! Instantly I got frustrated and jumped from my line to the business select.

Finally I’m going to be on time!! The guy in front of me must have been planning a round the world trip. The Drunk Monkey kept saying “I just need to check my bags and go!!!!!” Next thing I know, to my right, the girl I was behind in the original line is walking up to the kiosk to check her bags. My blood starts to boil. “calm down monkey, all is well, this guy will be done in a moment and you will be on your way.”

Then the next person and next person goes!! The Monkey starts scheming, “You’re in business select, you can just cut. Do it Matthew!”. Next thing I know I’m cutting typing in my confirmation number and suddenly there’s a loud annoying alarm. I was just starting to breath a little easy. Now this nasty machine is telling me I have checked in to late and my bags aren’t guaranteed to arrive on my flight. “Breath Matthew! You are trained! All is well. Chill out.”.

Turns out now I need to have an attendant check me in. Which is exactly what was happening perfectly for the person who was waiting behind me in the business select line. If I wouldn’t have cut I would have been fine!!! Ug!

Finally I get my bags checked and head to security. By the time I’m through I’ve got 15 minutes to get to my gate. ITS THE LAST GATE IN THE TERMINAL!!!! I get my boogie on and run to the gate. Just in time. No one has boarded. I catch my breath and recite my favorite Renee Swisko affirmation, “I’m a conduit for pure positive energy. It flows to me and through me. I am in harmony with all that is.”

I walk on the plane first in line. Right behind the preboard people who need extra time. Once I step on the plane, 2 elderly sisters are stopped on the first row quietly bickering about their bags and seating arrangements. By this time I had already surrendered to the flow. So my natural instincts had switched from selfish make it happen mode to service mode. After standing there for 2-3 minutes with a line of a hundred people behind me I simply stepped in and offered to put all Thierry bags up and handle it for them. The agreed and the line flowed again.

After i sat down the flight attendant came up and told me that she was buying my first drink! Bam!!! Just like that i was back in the flow of good things happening. Only then did I realize that I had been keeping myself from the flow of luck and syncronicity with my fearful thoughts of missing my plane.

I wasn’t living my training that dictates When you allow yourself to be frustrated, everything gets stuck, things stop working and life gets worse.

Conversely when you relax and allow life to be exactly what it is, you are naturally more helpful and positive and life reciprocates with more good things comin your way.

The moral of the story? We all have to stay vigilant. My anxiety was a tip off that I was allowing The Drunk Monkey (my automatic mind chatter) to run my life. The Drunk Monkey is ready to run your life and accidentally stop the flow of goodness at any time.

Not because The Drunk Monkey is bad. It’s not. Its job is to avoid danger. Problem is, missing your flight is not dangerous and does not warrant a fight or flight response. Yet that fight or flight response has you miss important clues that will get you back in flow again. I’d I wasn’t stressing I would have noticed the business select line instantly and strolled right past the line with ease.

When you feel good life works, you are more resourceful and creative. When you don’t, it doesn’t. Pretty simple stuff but it takes a life time to master.

Recently, one of my clients wrote to me with the question, “What do I do, when I find myself reacting negatively to the people that I love?” And I start by saying, let’s define love. I say that love is acceptance, total and complete acceptance of all people and all situations, at all times. Now, that’s not easy to attain. Why? Because we have built-in reactions that occur, and I think my client put it so succinctly, “I find myself reacting negatively to the people that I love.”

You’ve got to start to look at what you are holding people accountable to. If you’re reacting negatively to someone, it’s because you think that they should behave differently than what you’re getting from them. And if you think they should behave differently, then you’re holding them accountable to something that they never signed up for. So you’ve got to identify these “rules” that you’re holding people to.

The second thing that you want to look at is what’s triggering you. Why are you allowing the drunk monkey in you head to run the show? When I get triggered, I take a deep breath, and I say, “What’s triggering me right now? Am I feeling like I’m going to lose something? Do I feel like I’m going to somehow be embarrassed? Is there something making me feel like I’m going to get hurt in the future?” You need to think about these things because none of those things are true. You’re not going to be embarrassed by other people’s behavior. Now, you might allow yourself to be in a situation where you say, “That person shouldn’t behave like that, and it’s affecting me,” but it’s only because you’re allowing yourself to do that. It’s not the truth. When they behave however they behave, it doesn’t reflect on you, per se. And if, in some way, it cast a shadow on you, through your communication you can dissolve it and you can create a new way for people to see you.

So, ultimately, you’ve got to look at what standards you are holding people accountable to and what is it exactly that you’re reacting to. And if you can see those two things, wow, you can let it go very, very quickly.

I don’t think this is going to be very politically correct, but I’d like to point out that happiness is really for stupid people.  Because those who over think things, can’t be happy.  Thinking, in general, doesn’t lead to happiness.  Ultimately, happiness is a function of no thought, no mind.  When no mind is there, then you are happy.  It is only the mind that gobbles up your happiness, like Pac-Man.  It’s always thinking about this and what, “What about this? What’s going to happen with that?”, etc.

Happiness, my friends, is for those who are committed to moving beyond the rational and moving into the experiential.  I’d like to invite you there.  It’s pretty amazing.

Today I’m sharing another great interview with someone that I think you should know! Rob Kaye is an actor and life coach mainly focusing on voiceover work and coaching people in their personal and business life.  He recently published a spoken word life coaching album called YOU ARE THE HERO: Coaching and Affirmations.  He calls it your portable coach for the mind, body and soul! Rob is all about helping people relax and be inspired! You can find Rob Kaye on his web site

Click the audio player below to listen to this incredible interview!

[audio:|titles=Rob Kaye Interview]

Something that I want you to notice is that nobody else is really ever changing. What is changing is your perspective or point of view. So many of my friends who are engaged in the Inspired Action Weekly program are radically changing their point of view, and they’re becoming so much happier, so much more attractive, so much more productive.

One of the things that we do in the Inspired Action Weekly is we report once a week on what’s going on. So many of the reports are, “My relationship with my spouse is so much better. She’s changed. He’s changed. My kids, they’re becoming these amazing people.” And I keep sending back replies, “No, they’re not. They were always this way. It’s you changing your perspective. You’re becoming more accepting, more appreciative, more honoring.”

When you’re happy, when you’re satisfied, when you’re fulfilled, when you’re lit up, when you’re excited about life, everyone around you seems better. But they’re not. They’ve always been this way. It’s just that, when you’re down, glum and bummed out, everyone around you seems the same way. The world is a reflection of you. It’s mirroring your attitude, your ideas, your thoughts back to you. You see yourself in others.

I’m bringing you another inspiring interview with someone that I think you should know! Jim Donovan is known as “The original feel good guy,” due to his ability to bring out the best in people. After facing his own “demons” and overcoming impossible odds, he is able to see the potential in others even when they themselves cannot. Jim delivers a message of hope and possibility to everyone he comes in contact with. As a highly respected speaker and author, he has spoken to businesses, trade groups, high schools, government employees, colleges and many others. Find Jim Donovan on his web site

Click the audio player below to listen to this truly inspiring interview!
[audio:|titles=Jim Donovan Interview]

It all started with this post called “Happiness is NOT a Choice

One of my facebook buddies challenged my thinking and I believe she did it powerfully.  This is our exchange:

Facebook buddy, “And Matthew I agree to disagree with you. I agree with your analysis that you do have the ability to increase your skill to avoid toxic thinking behavior patterns which will lead to a more peaceful and happy life. But even with acknowledging that there are skills that can be developed, it comes back down to choice. Are you going to chose to develop those skills? Are you going to choose to look at the win of the day? Are you going to choose to take time and smell the roses? Are you going to choose to focus on the positive instead of the negative? Thus happiness is a choice. If you choose to be happy you will choose to take the actions both mentally and physically to bring the results of happiness in your life. Thus, it is the same with success…success is a choice. For if you choose to be successful, you will take the actions and apply the activities on a consistent basis that will bring you success.”

My Response, “Yes you are correct. From one perspective it is a choice. The issue most are faced with is awareness. If you are not aware of that you choose what is negative, then it does not feel like a choice at all, it feels like that’s what’s so.  If you don’t see it, it’s not a choice. (even though it is) My goal is to alert people to the possibility that unconscious thinking patterns exist and that which awareness, new patterns can be created.  I am thrilled with your message and agree whole heartedly. If you are aware of your conditioning, then you have a choice.”

So…. how about you?  What do you think about this?  Please join the debate.