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iStock_000009589209MediumWhen you are playing the Contribution Game you could be playing one of three roles.  The Contributor, The Advocate or The Receiver.  When you are in The Receiver role, you spoil the fun of the game by not turning right around and contributing or making a difference for the person who just contributed to you.  It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of someone opening a door for you or introducing you to something new.

Playing The Power of Contribution Game is about the joy and magic of living a contributive lifestyle.  The incredible high you get from being a contribution to others.  Don’t let the euphoria of receiving contribution get in your way of being a contributor.  Keep your mind firmly focused on the goal.  Receive and then discover how you can give!  Keep the chain of contribution going.

Counting your blessings each day is essential for positive growth.  God/Source/Universe is happy to provide for you as long as you are happy about what you already have.  If you are dissatisfied with your current situation, that energy muddles up your intentions.  The more dissatisfied you are, the more you get what dissatisfies you.  Remember, this is an attraction-based universe.  The happier you are about what you already have, the more you get what makes you happy.

The 10/10 Visualization Process

  1. Make a list of 10 things you love about your life, your job, your product, the opportunities you have, and your customers.  Add anything that works well in your life, anything you like, and all the people you are happy about having in your life. Then add anything you are thankful for.
  2. Make a list of 10 things you want to accomplish: your goals, dreams, visions, and aspirations in life.
  3. Once you have the lists, you can begin to do your discipline.  Every morning find a comfortable place to sit with your back straight and feet on the ground. Before you start, take a moment to review both lists.  Then, close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths.  Hold each breath as long as you can.  Then blow it out slowly.  (I call these the connector breaths.  You are getting connected to your higher self.  Tapping into the universal consciousness.  If you feel light-headed, good!  See if you can get even more light-headed next time.  It simply means you are going into deeper states of consciousness.)
  4. Now, that you are in a very powerful, conscious state, mentally review your list of everything that is good, that you’re happy about, etc.  Dwell on each item.  Get really connected with how great it is to have this in your life.  Let the emotions of gratitude well up inside of you and overflow.  It’s okay to cry tears of joy.  In fact, that’s the objective.
  5. Once you have spent some time truly appreciating your life mentally, shift to your list of things you want to accomplish.  But keep the feeling of gratitude.  First think about how amazing your life is that you have these kinds of objectives.  Then start being thankful for each item as if it had already come true, or was already happening or occurring right now.  Think about it the same way you thought about the first list.  Let your imagination run away with you.

Additional Thoughts

One of the key elements to this visualization is emotionalizing.  By goosing up the desire, you turbo-boost the results you achieve.  During each 10/10 visualization, work to charge your emotions with gratitude and get as excited as you can about how great your life is. Then transfer that same excitement to your desired outcomes and dreams.  Get excited as if your dreams are coming true right now.  You have hit maximum power when you are moved to tears of joy for the opportunities the universe has provided you.

Note that you won’t always be able to create the feelings you want, so don’t make yourself “wrong” when it doesn’t get as intense as it had before.  Keep doing the 10/10 visualization and your emotions will eventually ramp up.

This discipline is simple, yet, like all disciplines, you must structure your life so this happens daily.  I always recommend doing this in the morning before you get ready for your day. If you exercise in the morning, do this immediately afterward for best results.  Sit in a quiet place and spend 10 minutes meditating.  (For other meditations you can lie down, but not this one.)  Sit up straight in a chair with your eyes closed and take your ten deep breaths.  You want to be consciously in control of your mental process.

Five minutes of visualizing everything you are grateful for keeps those things persisting in your life.  Five minutes of seeing your outcomes, goals, visions and dreams as if they are happening right now will trigger the universe to have all your dreams come true.  No kidding!

Why is it that most spiritual types think that you have to dress down, not look good or not fit into society to be spiritual? When the truth is that to be conscious, compassionate, understanding or appreciative has nothing to do with how you look, who you hang out with, or what stuff you own.

Personally, I find it very exciting to fit into society without any attachment.  I like to look great, have stuff, participate fully, and then bring that appreciation, kindness, compassion, and understanding into my life in such a way that all those around me, who are playing the looking good game are positively affected by my presence.

Try being a Buddha Pimp today 🙂

iStock_000009126913MediumToday is my 42nd birthday and it also denotes 100 days until the end of 2009.  I’m going to do 4 things to change my life.  There are my “100 days to..” projects.

1.  100 days to be in the best shape of my life.

I’ve created a spread sheet with my workout accountability partner that has everyday we are going to work out and I’ve written what we are going to do on each day.  We have added our measurements and our goals.  I am going to track everything I’m doing as a structure.  What you measure you can improve.

2.  100 days to renewed levels of intimacy and connection with Claudine.

I’ve mapped out 10 things I’m going to do in the next 100 days to deepen our relationship.

3.  100 days to the best relationship I’ve ever had with each of my four kids.

I’ve made a project list for each child and I’ve set up the monitoring and accountability to make sure I take these relationships to new heights of love, connection and friendship.

4.  100 days to the complete re-branding of Matthew Ferry International.

I’ve contracted a branding and design company and the game is now in motion.

How about you?  What are you committed to?

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Powell,Asher,Me, & MilesToday I received a wonderful testimonial from Jennifer about how controlling her Drunk Monkey positively impacted her marriage.

“I am writing this to anyone interested in creating a relationship beyond your wildest dreams & the affect of working with Matthew Ferry has had for our family – in particular in the area of relationship. My husband and I took the relationship course offered by Matthew and it has transformed the way we think, the way we are, what we create together, and the connection we have with each other and with our children.

When we started the course I blamed my husband for everything. I saw him as someone who if he did this than I would be happy. Not a real powerful place to stand from. It was after taking this course that I realized the power I have to create or destroy my own happiness and how I had been a victim in life and with my husband. I had an attitude of superiority, anger, it was as if my husband was walking around with a target on him at all times and I was just looking for the next thing he did to me or not the way that I wanted. After taking this course it became very clear that I was creating this scenario to play into the cycle I had lived my entire life…of not being worthy, of being a victim. Having this as the general pattern running my life gave me the excuse to make others wrong & from that standpoint I would never have to be responsible for my actions or the life I was creating.
Since taking this course there have been moments where I will fall back and realize very quickly that I am responsible – and I will ask myself – what can I do to create something different that serves our happiness & the happiness of our family. I realized in taking this course that clearly when we are happy in life everything around us is good. Having the power to create our own happiness makes life enchanting, engaging, and one worth living.
Our family recently moved to an area we have been talking about relocating to for the last 5 years, have our third boy on the way and are co-creating for the first time in our life together. What we share together is honest, pure, and the life we have always wanted…This class and work with Matthew has left both of us empowered and for the first time we are life partners supporting and loving each other.

In one sentence…working with Matthew has given us the gift of co-creating a life and love that is unconditional and with out limits.
Thank you Matthew… J”

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istock_000003178724smallI’m happy to be helping so many people find ridiculous bliss in this crazy world.  Here’s Rayna’s testimony and a link to my free 15-day eCourse to get you on the path as well.

“I just wanted to send you a quick note about how your work changed me/my life.  I was feeling a little lost when i found your work, and the one thing that I took most to heart was your advice to have “total and complete acceptance of all people, at all times, in all situations, including myself”.  I felt there was something to this, so I started putting it into practice.  When I noticed judgments coming up, I just noticed them for what they are (monkey mind), and gently let them float away.  After doing this for several weeks, I noticed that something miraculous happened.  It was not a choice any longer that I had to make each time a situation came up.  It was my natural state.  I see everyone for who they are on a soul level, and more than just accepting everyone, I love them!  I have this intense feeling of love for everyone I meet, and even people in my life that I previously would judge and hold resentments towards.  So, thank you for that powerful bit of advice, it’s really made a difference in my life.”

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Hot Potato

One of my clients made the big mistake of dropping everything to chase a new dream.  This does not honor step 2 of the 8 step mega manifesting process (check out a video here).  Your new dream is a function of your current situation.  Even if they seem unrelated.

The energy of your current life will be transferred into your new project so you need to keep the energy of your current life going.  If you drop what you are doing now, you will lower your power level and slow down the new dream.

There will be a point at which you just can’t maintain your old life any longer and it will naturally fall away.  Until then, just keep doing what you are doing and play the Contribution Game with everyone!