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As a life coach my job is to support clients in achieving their dreams.  Depending on your point of view, you will either grow from struggle or ease.

If you grow from the point of view that “I’m not there yet”, everything will be a struggle because you keep saying “Someday I’m going to be there”.

If you grow from “Now is perfect”, everything will be easy, effortless and enjoyable because you are satisfied with now and eager to add to it.

Where are you growing from?

attractionThere are two ways you can approach life.  You can approach life as if you are at the effect of things or like you are the cause of things.  Both are true.  The way you focus  creates your reality.  It’s clear that you are being the cause of your life because you are reading this blog about self improvement. The only question is, “Are aware of what you are causing?”

In order to manifest a new lover, the perfect job, that next big opportunity or millions of dollars…you have to get present to your ability to magnetize what you want.  You have to see it, realize it, know it and trust it.  That’s why I host classes to create a structure for seeing your power in action.  That way you can trust it.  Because of the exposure people receive in my classes,  they are never the same again.

The Law of Attraction is operating in the background of your life at all times.  It is similar to gravity, which is so much a part of your life that you are almost never present to it.  Yet, whether you are present to gravity or not does not stop it from affecting your existence.  By getting present to the effect of gravity, we are able to use it to our advantage.  Airplanes, rockets, kites and cars all use gravity as a part of their operation.  In order to learn to fly, airplane designers had to get present to the invisible forces that pull objects back to the ground.  Rocket designers realized they needed to go 17k miles per hour to pull away from the Earth’s gravitational field. If you only go 16k miles per hour, you won’t make it.

Similarly, in order to manifest your desires and outcomes, you must get present to those unseen forces that orchestrate the activities of the universe in the background of your life.  The Law of Attraction: You attract into your life what ever you give your energy, focus and attention to, whether you want it or not.  Like gravity, the Law of Attraction has no opinion or discernment.  In other words the Law of Attraction does not care what you attract.

You are free to create whatever you want.  The problem is that most people have been conditioned to believe they have no control over their lives and therefore keep attracting what they don’t want by focusing on it.  The Law of Attraction is always affecting you, whether you believe in it or not.  If you said to yourself “That’s it!  I give up on gravity!”  would you float away?  No.  Gravity is there whether you believe in gravity or not.

Even more important is the fact that we have named the unseen force gravity.  Is it really “gravity”?  No.  That’s just what we named something we observed.  It’s not true or false or right or wrong, it’s just something that occurs predictably.  By naming it, we make it useful to us.  So it is with the Law of Attraction.  By naming it, we make it useful.  As a child, you didn’t think about gravity.  Gravity taught its properties to you through demonstration, right?  Learning to walk was learning about gravity.  Gravity is invisible, and yet it’s obvious and measurable.  Gravity was revealed to us by an apple dropping.

The Law of Attraction is far more subtle yet no less real.  Our senses can easily identify the effects of gravity because it’s instant.  Yet, the effects of the Law of Attraction are much harder to spot.  Not because the principle doesn’t hold true, but because of the duration of time it takes for it affect us.  Some of your desires manifest instantly, others take a life time.  It depends on how attached you are to the results.  The more attached you are, the longer it takes. The less attached you are, the shorter amount of time it takes.  Just like it was hard for us to see that the world was round when it appeared flat, the Law of Attraction is hard to see because it usually happens over long periods of time and is very subtle… But eventually you are living exactly what you had thought about, in one way or another.

I’ve been experimenting with this concept since 1989.  Through my tracking I have seen that approximately 70% of my dreams have materialized in one way or the other.  Like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction becomes a powerful tool when you align yourself with its effects.  Fight against gravity and you’ll die.  Fight against the Law of Attraction and you’ll suffer.  Work with gravity and you can soar…Work with attraction and you can live a totally fulfilling and satisfying life.

Thinking is manifesting.  Thinking is setting forth intentions and delegations.  You get what you think about whether you want it or not.  The Law of Attraction is absolute.  Your life is the sum total of what you have been thinking about.

istock_000007248761mediumAs a life coach, I deal with clients who are afraid to take actions that will change their life for the positive.  One client in particular was ready to make a big change.  She realized that she hated her job and she was doing it to prove to everyone that she was “someone”.  When I confronted her on this, she went into total meltdown. “I will ruin our family.  My husband will leave me.  I’ll have to start all over.  I can’t do that to my husband,” she sniffled through the tears.  But the truth was, she wasn’t making any money doing what she was doing anyway.

I proposed that she was hallucinating.  I asked her to consider that she knew nothing about what would happen if she changed jobs and that in fact, she was making all this crap up.  She didn’t like it.  But she tried it on.  I took her through the special 5 step responsibility process, she had the talk with her husband and what-a-ya-know… he was 100% in support of her being happy, not obligated!  You must learn to communicate, not hallucinate.

Alone in a CrowdThe golden rule states, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Luke 6:31)  If you are new to personal development, it’s a pretty good place to start.  But in the end it will get you in trouble.  Everyone is different and believes that they should be treated uniquely, based on their preferences.

Therefore, treating people based on your preferences will generally create conflict… especially with strangers.  Kindness seems like a good idea to most personal development students but in some cases it backfires.  For example:  Many people were raised in environments where kindness was seen as weak and easy to take advantage of.   In some cases you must take on a more dominant style in order to be in harmony.  That proves to be difficult to the “positive crew”.

Most personal development students think that people who aren’t positive are less than people who are.  This is nothing more then The Drunk Monkey using personal development as a new tool to protect you from all the “different” and therefore potentially dangerous people in the world.

Again, if you are dealing with people who are not in your tribe and treat them the way you want to be treated, don’t get disappointed when they don’t play by your rules.  Because they don’t know your rules.  The golden rule leads to righteousness.  I’m sure that Luke wanted us to be kind to people but the truth is we use The Golden Rule to hold others accountable to behavior they never agreed to.

If you don’t take the time to understand who people are and step in line with their style of dealing with the world, you will get in trouble.  Things won’t be easy for you.

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Pretty young woman with arms raisedThe quickest way to feeling joy in your life is to stop paying attention to The Drunk Monkey (your mind).  Life is so much more enjoyable when you don’t pay too much attention to the rambling bumbling insanity in your head.  Today just focus on the beauty that is all around you.  Pay attention to air on your skin, the sun on your face or the smell of flowers.  When you do, you will feel joy.  When you feel joy, life is easy, effortless and enjoyable.  Isn’t that what you want?

istock_000004219187xsmallAs a life coach, I help my clients get into harmony with everyone in their life as soon as possible.  Once you have achieved harmony with all the people in your life, everything you do is easier and comes together faster.  So here it is.

To gain forgiveness with your parents is very simple and yet 99% of all people will never do what I’m about to ask you to do.

5 Step Forgiveness Process

1.  Forgive your parents. To empower yourself in this situation, you must surrender your fears and resentments.  What is holding you and your parents in this negative loop is an unconscious commitment to being right.  You want to be right about what you did, and you want to be right about how wrong they are, for not accepting your behavior.

Your parents are stinky, farting, pooping, crazy people just like you.  They are doing the best they can.  They don’t think, they react.  You don’t think, you react.  They simply want the best for you.  They have been conditioned by their tribe to believe what they believe.  What they believe is not true.  What they believe is what they were conditioned to believe.  Your parents are not forgiving you because they are holding you accountable to the beliefs they have about the world.

You must forgive them for being conditioned, non-thinking zombies who in the end are just trying to protect you, love you and support you in having a great life.  Their definition of a great life is not the same as yours, but they are not conscious enough to know that.  That doesn’t make them wrong.  That just makes them normal.  Forgive them for holding you accountable to rules and agreements that you never accepted.  Know that they are just trying to love you and help you live an amazing life.

2.  Ask your parents for forgiveness.  You broke their expectations.  What you did was not bad in actuality.  It was bad in their reality.  Therefore, to gain their respect back, you must honor that they are stuck in this reality with very little hope of every getting out.  Honor this thought by admitting to them that what you did was wrong.  Not that it was actually wrong, that it was wrong to them.

Here is the key to asking for forgiveness.  Acknowledge the negative impact your actions and beliefs have had on them and on you.  Acknowledge the hurt that you have created and ask for forgiveness around your actions plus the impact your actions had.

3.  Ask your parents, “What have you been trying to tell me that I haven’t been letting you say?” Don’t argue.  Don’t resist.  Don’t defend.  Just sit, listen and realize that from their perspective, what they are saying is the truth.  Just acknowledge them and appreciate their point of view.

4.  Acknowledge, appreciate and thank your parents for everything you are, everything you have become and everything you have in your life because of them. This often involves acknowledging that you have what you have because of your disagreement with them and the beliefs you rebelled against.  I often say to my dad, “Thank you father.  You were the fire that forged the steal of my blade”.  I acknowledge that our hard core disagreements about life and how to live it were incredibly valuable in creating my perspective today.

5.  Make a new declaration. Now that you see the world from this new perspective, what are you committed to?

Follow these steps and you will be totally free from The Drunk Monkey’s addiction to being right that always leads to negativity and resentment.  Good luck.

istock_000001909034smallAs a life coach I work with people everyday who dream about one day doing what they want with their life.  Most people are living their anti-purpose.  They are feeding the lifestyle demons.  It’s all about the money.  Day in and day out, going to work to pay for the life they have — hoping that someday they will have the life they want.  It never happens.  You can have all the money and stuff in the world and still feel empty, wondering, “When am I going to arrive?”.  I have clients who have made hundreds of millions and they still wonder when it’s all going to work out.

Most people are living their ANTI-purpose.  Building a life that will ultimately lead somewhere else.  This is an endless loop of dissatisfaction.

You must take the time to discover your true purpose in life.  Not what you will “do” but what you will “experience”.  Almost every person who starts the Inspired Action Coaching process believes that “Someday when they are DOING this, then they will be EXPERIENCING that.”

My coaches and I work with people to help them realize that this equation is backwards.  When you are experiencing the feeling and emotions you want now, what you do becomes irrelevant.  When what you do becomes irrelevant, you start to do only the things you want.  And the activities that you won’t like become more enjoyable and you suddenly do them better.

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