How It Works

The Quiet Mind Curriculum is delivered in four modules over 9 months. Members opt to join the bi-weekly live calls, or engage in the self-guided curriculum via the online call-recording library.

The Quiet Mind Curriculum: Live of Life of Meaning and Purpose

A masterclass in self-mastery. A PhD in peace of mind.

The Unconscious Reflexes

Ever wonder why your mind starts talking without your permission? Sitting at your desk, driving the car, hanging with your friends, no matter where you are the mind will constantly bombard you with distracting thoughts. In this module, you'll discover six insidious Unconscious Reflexes. As a result, you will transcend the outdated part of your survival biology so you experience more peace of mind.

The Hidden Motives To Survive

Are you ready for your mind to shut up? The Hidden Motives To Survive is a master class in what triggers negative mind chatter. Most trainers tell you to suffocate negative thoughts with positivity. That only gets you so far. In this module, you learn how to eliminate the root CAUSE of the mind's need to talk in the first place. As a result, you have more mindshare to focus on the things that matter in your life.

Enlightened Perspectives

You know the old adage “change your thinking change your life”? For a seeker like you, that’s a great place to start. But, what are you supposed to change your thinking to? Enlightened Perspectives are contextual frameworks that will profoundly change your relationship with yourself, your family, your work, and the world around you. With Enlightened Perspectives, you add rocket fuel to your already awesome life. 

The Abilities

Are you ready to bring it all together? The Abilities are a proprietary collection of Matthew Ferry exclusives developed while coaching 6, 7, and 8 figure earners through massive quantum leaps in their lives. In this final module, you'll master the tools and techniques leveraging your quiet mind - so you can fearlessly go after your biggest, boldest dreams. You simply will not find this body of work anywhere else.
It all starts Tuesday, Oct 4th!

Kick-Off: Tuesday, Oct 4th @ 5pm PT, 8pm ET

It's official. Your first Group Call delivered via Zoom is Tuesday October 4th at 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern. Join your fellow Spiritual Hoolignas for a powerful, satisfying Enlightened Goal Setting session. This focused, intentional time gets you reconnected to the big goals and the underlying experiences you wish to create as a member of The Ignite Mastermind. 

Mark Your Calendar: Group Calls Every other Tuesday Starting October 11th

Get ready to start accelerating. The Ignite Mastermind Group Calls are every-other Tuesday at 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central and 8 pm Eastern. Can't make it? That's AOK. Catching the recording via our self-guided curriculum library works too. It's totally up to you. The Ignite Mastermind is held every other Tuesday. The full schedule will be published by Oct 1st.
Come For The Curriculum. Stay For The Community.
In addition to experiencing the life-changing impact of The Quiet Mind Curriculum, as a member of The Ignite Mastermind you enjoy a carefully curated collection of bonuses to ensure you get the most out of the community.

The Vault

Get member-only access to our Group Call recordings, meditations and other unpublished resources. 

Virtual Retreat

Get an instant power booster during one Virtual Consciousness Raising & Intention Settling Retreat. We get together over Zoom for immersive, revitalizing meditation and intention setting retreats. Think of them like power boosters on your quiet mind journey.

Meditations & Breathwork

On-the-Go audios proven to quiet the mind and restore peace of mind, fast! Members get first-access to exclusive new tracks from Matthew along with tried-and-true favorites.

The Golden Rolodex

Looking for accountability? What about a referral? Now you can quickly access the vast experience and wisdom of your fellow members. Think of the mastermind as a Golden Rolodex where you find members with the same interests or the expertise you are seeking. 

Members Only Group Text

Our private text app gives you instant access to your fellow members, updates and announcements. Keep on top of what's happening in the community, get help, share a request - whatever you need, we are here for you!

Shopping Spree

Now that you are in, it's time to gear up. Each member of the mastermind gets a $150 Shopping Spree at our Zazzle Spiritual Hooligan online store. With 9 collections, and over 150 items, you'll find something perfect, just for you.

PLUS: Come as our guest to Epic Life Live Jan 21 & 22 in sunny Orange County, CA.

Kick off 2023 spending a weekend with your Spiritual Hooligan tribe!

"I've had quantum leaps in every single aspect of my life." - Mandi M.

The Ignite Mastermind is a 9-month immersive program specifically designed for spiritually-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders like you.

200% Iron-Clad Risk-Free Guarantee

The Quiet Mind Curriculum delivered via The Ignite Mastermind is guaranteed to produce Enlightened Prosperity in at least one area of your life, or we will give you 2x (200%) of your investment BACK. That's how certain we are that this program will profoundly change your life. To qualify for the 200% Money-Back Guarantee you must 1. Attend 100% of all Tuesday Group calls and 2. Attend at least one Virtual Consciousness Raising & Intention Settling Retreat. It's that simple. You put in the time, we deliver the content, and you experience the results.

Pre-Pandemic Pricing!

One-Time Enrollment Fee + Monthly Payments
  • Enrollment Fee: $995
  • Easy Auto Pay: $695/mo
  • Unlimited Access to The Vault (priceless)
  • The Golden Rolodex (priceless)
  • Private Mastermind-Only GroupMe Access (priceless)
  • Spiritual Hooligan Shopping Spree ($150)
  • Complimentary ticket to Epic Life Live Jan 2023 ($1295 value)
  • 200% Iron-Clad Risk-Free Guarantee
  • Click below to complete your enrollment. $995 due now. 9 monthly payments of $695 are due starting Oct 1st
One-time payment in full
  •  10% Discount Applied
  • Save $725
  • Unlimited Access to The Vault (priceless)
  • The Golden Rolodex (priceless)
  • Private Mastermind-Only GroupMe Access (priceless)
  • Spiritual Hooligan Shopping Spree ($150)
  • Complimentary ticket to Epic Life Live Jan 2023 ($1295 value)
  • 200% Iron-Clad Risk-Free Guarantee
  • Click below to complete your enrollment. Your 1x payment of $6525 is due now. This is our best deal. 
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Complete a brief questionnaire about you and any questions you have about the program so you get the most out of your personalized one-on-one call. 

Discovery Call

Talk directly with Matthew to discover whether or not The Ignite Mastermind is the right thing for you, right now. This isn't a sales call. This is about ensuring you get the most out of the curriculum.

Determine Your Next Step

By the end of the call you'll be in or out. Either outcome is good with us. Ultimately, we want you to make the right decision for you.

THE FINE PRINT: We are not financial planners and we are not offering professional advise. 

DISCLAIMER: We can not and do not make any universal guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, techniques, strategies, products or programs. 

You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life and business. By opting in to receive free information, or by purchasing our products and programs you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstances. We provide products and programs that produce results. Those results are up to you.

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