Inspired Action feels like something that has taken over your body.  You take actions in a way that is more effective and more powerful because it comes from a place of joy versus a place of fear. You want to do it versus you need to do it.  When you want to do something, it gives you a feeling of delight and energy and enthusiasm.

To achieve inspired action you must eliminate the goals and dreams that are about escaping your current life.  You must let go of the childhood dreams that were actually ways to prove to your parents that you were good enough for their love.  You must stop taking actions out of guilt and obligation.  I hate to break the new but most people are trying to achieve a particular life style so that they can prove to the world that they are respectable human beings that fit in.  These kinds of pursuits rarely lead to inspired action. To achieve Inspired Action you must be operating from your life’s purpose – not The Drunk Monkey’s view on what will make you popular, loved, and important.

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