Serve Without an Agenda

Do you feel as though you’re pushing, struggling and forcing for the things you want in your life? I’d like to invite you to serve, contribute and make a difference for others, and do so with no agenda whatsoever. That means you give up that you need to get anything from people at all. The reason to do this is because more you serve selflessly, without any agenda at all, the more prosperity, happiness and peace comes to you.

See, ultimately, everything that you want comes to you naturally, when you’re in complete alignment and focus. And I have seen that getting yourself to a place where you are serving others, that is the place in which you get into total alignment with who you are.

I request that today you give up that need to produce results for the giving that you’re doing. A lot of people who are contributing, for example, to charities, they’re doing it in an unconscious attempt to purchase salvation. They’re thinking “I want to do this good to try to erase some of the bad doing that I’ve done in the past.” Give that up and just give to give.

On top of that, I want you to really focus on giving up your agenda, when you’re out there in the world. Let’s say you’re networking and you meet someone who is amazing. You just want to do things for them, so that you can, ultimately, bind them into doing things for you. Give that up and just do things for people, support, contribute and make a difference, because it makes you feel great. And ultimately trust that, when you feel great and you’re focused on others, what you want comes to you naturally.

Happiness is For Stupid People

I don’t think this is going to be very politically correct, but I’d like to point out that happiness is really for stupid people.  Because those who over think things, can’t be happy.  Thinking, in general, doesn’t lead to happiness.  Ultimately, happiness is a function of no thought, no mind.  When no mind is there, then you are happy.  It is only the mind that gobbles up your happiness, like Pac-Man.  It’s always thinking about this and what, “What about this? What’s going to happen with that?”, etc.

Happiness, my friends, is for those who are committed to moving beyond the rational and moving into the experiential.  I’d like to invite you there.  It’s pretty amazing.

Your Happiness Changes the World

Something that I want you to notice is that nobody else is really ever changing. What is changing is your perspective or point of view. So many of my friends who are engaged in the Inspired Action Weekly program are radically changing their point of view, and they’re becoming so much happier, so much more attractive, so much more productive.

One of the things that we do in the Inspired Action Weekly is we report once a week on what’s going on. So many of the reports are, “My relationship with my spouse is so much better. She’s changed. He’s changed. My kids, they’re becoming these amazing people.” And I keep sending back replies, “No, they’re not. They were always this way. It’s you changing your perspective. You’re becoming more accepting, more appreciative, more honoring.”

When you’re happy, when you’re satisfied, when you’re fulfilled, when you’re lit up, when you’re excited about life, everyone around you seems better. But they’re not. They’ve always been this way. It’s just that, when you’re down, glum and bummed out, everyone around you seems the same way. The world is a reflection of you. It’s mirroring your attitude, your ideas, your thoughts back to you. You see yourself in others.

Don’t Let Happiness Depend on Beauty

Many of my clients are rich, wealthy, famous, and powerful. It’s interesting, because along with all of that, some of them are very good-looking as well. And what I noticed as I’m working with them is that there’s a danger in being beautiful. And that danger is that you put your source of happiness and well-being in the value being beautiful.

The truth is that no matter how much surgery you get, how many treatments you get, your body is going to deteriorate and your beauty is going to wane. There is a short period in which we all experience that sort of youthful beauty. Many of you get stuck in the place where the drunk money says, “Well, you know, that is my value.”

If you’re thinking “I am happy when I am beautiful, and I am not happy when I am not beautiful.” you’re screwed! That’s because there’s going to be a tremendous amount of your life in which the drunk monkey in your head is going to declare, “You are no longer the beautiful creature that you were before.”

You’re going to have to take on tactics that bring you happiness and fulfillment now without having some external event be in a particular way. In other words, if your circumstances have to be a certain way in order for you to be happy, then you’re in trouble. There’s only one thing we can count on, and that is change.

Everything is going to change. Everything is shifting, so the more valuable thing to do is to take on learning how to be happy now.

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Your Mind is a Source of Your Suffering

If you pay attention to your mind, you’ll see that it is always judging, assessing, evaluating, quantifying, and categorizing everything. And it’s doing that because it wants to keep you safe. If you listen to all of that talking in your mind, the drunk monkey, you’ll see that what it’s trying to do is figure out what’s going on out there in the world. The drunk monkey wants you to go towards things that are pleasurable, and away from things that will be negative or potentially dangerous.

The problem is that we actually believe that the mind is reality. It’s not. The mind has no idea what reality is. Often, your expectations of reality are broken. Why? Because you premeditated that life would be one way, and it turned out another way. That is the source of most of your suffering.

They key for you is to stop believing what the mind has to say. Start noticing that it has a job, biological function, similar to your bowels. Your bowels are processing waste, and excreting it out of the body. Your mind is observing what’s going on in the world, and identifying potential threats, and moving towards pleasurable things.

That’s the mind’s job. That’s what it’s doing. But that’s not the truth. And if you put all of your reality, all of your life, all of your world into your thoughts, you’re going to be miserable. You need to learn to move beyond your thoughts.

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