Does Law of Attraction Work for Cynics? (surprise answer)

attractionA long time friend was transcribing one of my event recordings for me.  In it I discuss my 8-step manifesting process which I teach in the Instant Manifestation Now course.  He calls me up in the middle of the process, “Does this Law of Attraction thing really work?  Sounds like a bunch of new age bull s*** if you ask me.” he says.

This friend prides himself on being a cynic.  I explain to him that the Law of Attraction is just a new-fangled term for a long understood concept, “You become what you think about”.  He says, “I want to be in the travel writing business and I’m not sure how to do it.”  I say, “Follow the 8 steps and just know that it’s coming.”  He kinda snorts and says, “Whatever!”

About a year goes by and my friend gets the urge to move from NYC to Portland to be closer to his father.  Two weeks into his new job search he ends up at the offices of a well-known travel website.  They hire him on the spot and now the cynic spends his life traveling and writing about it.  Does the Law of Attraction work for cynics?  Yes.  But usually cynics are so busy being cynical that they attract all the crap they don’t want, which, of course, justifies their cynicism.

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