The Spiritual Way to Make More Money

Making money is pretty easy.  I know that sounds arrogant and I apologize if your Drunk Monkey reacts, BUT that’s the problem.  Your Drunk Monkey has a story about money that limits you.  Money is easy.  Yet, every one says it’s hard.  So you become convinced.  Everyone says it takes hard work.  And part of what they are saying is true.

You do have to work and work can be hard.  But what makes it hard is your resistance to it.  What makes it hard is not recognizing fundamentals like rest cycles.  If you keep pushing yourself to produce you will burn out which stops you dead in your tracks.  That often leads to panic and fear because burnout stops the money flow.  To counter this, you must retrain The Drunk Monkey and you must treat the body in a way that gives you maximum energy.

Here are two spiritual ways to make more money.  By spiritual I mean contextual or based in perspective rather then action.  Change your perspective and you change your life.

1.  You need to get The Drunk Monkey focused on something empowering.  Try this:  Go into a deep state of gratitude about the money you do have.  Make lists of all the great stuff money has bought.  Make lists of all the great experiences money has afforded you.  Make lists of all the opportunities you have had because you had the money you had.  This will simply put you into a great mood and open you up to more good.  You get what you focus on…PERIOD!

2.  Next you need to take care of your money making vehicle.  Also known as your body.  If you abuse the body, then your ability to make money is hindered.  The spiritual perspective is that Body is Temple.  You must treat the body as such.  I suggest you start taking your MEDS everyday.  Meditation, Exercise, Diet & Sleep (MEDS).  Even one minute of meditation a day will change your life.  Doing some push ups changes your state.  Eating foods that give you energy is key to staying optimistic.  Optimism is attractive to deals, money and opportunities.  When you are sleep deprived you can’t think straight no matter how much coffee you drink.  You need to be in top form to make more money!


My All Time Favorite Mediation, Check it Out`

This meditation by Kelly Howell has gotten me through dark times, helped me to see the light and forgive when I held on.  I just noticed it was available on iTunes and thought you should know about it.

Check it out HERE

We Survive In Spite of The Drunk Monkey

Today Dr. Hawkins daily quote said, “In truth, we exist and survive, not because of the ego, but in spite of it.”

Being Grateful is Good for Your Health

So it turns out that giving thanks is actually good for your health. According to Robert Emmons, a professor of psychology at the University of California-Davis, adults who frequently feel grateful have more energy, more optimism, more social connections, and more happiness than those who do not, according to studies conducted over the past decade.

What are you waiting for? I recommend that you do two things. One, do the ten-ten visualization. I like to, every day, spend a moment visualizing 10 things that I’m grateful for. And then, 10 of my goals and dreams. I just visualize. I just close my eyes, think about all the things I’m grateful for, and instantly, I start to feel happy.

And then, I take that happiness, and I put it into my goals and dreams, and it accelerates the accomplishment of my goals and dreams, which makes me more optimistic. I am operating optimally. Do you get that? Gratitude is a great thing. Another thing I like to do is just make a little, short gratitude list. I like to have a group of people that I send my gratitude list to. I have a little e-mail chain, and we all send our gratitude to each other. You know, it’s just, “I’m grateful for this. I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for this.” And I make a list of just three or four things every single day. Try it, and notice how much more optimistic, powerful, and resourceful you become.

Being Healthy Can Help Make You Happy

It’s hard to be happy when you’re not healthy. When you are feeling physically down, it’s difficult to experience happiness. It takes a tremendous amount of work. And so, what I recommend for people to be happy is to take their MEDS. MEDS is an acronym for meditation, exercise, diet, and sleep.

See, people who meditate every single day actually engage the pituitary glad. The pituitary gland is where HGH is released into your body, which gives you all kinds of good feelings. It’s shown that people who meditate are more relaxed. They’re more peaceful, and when you’re relaxed and peaceful, it’s a lot easier to be happy.

Exercise is known to release endorphins into your body, and dopamine, both of which make you feel incredible. They make you feel high, and people just want to feel high. They want to feel up and elevated.

You have to get your diet to the right place! When you have a bad diet, you keep knocking yourself into a downer state. Too much sugar, for example, is going to cause you to go up for a moment, and then nose dive. Too much caffeine, too much fat, too much of anything, really, is what can cause problems, so finding that combination that works for you is going to be absolutely critical.

And then, sleep – you need to figure out what your sleep cycle is. There’s a great app on the iPhone for sleep cycles that helps you to understand what your rhythms are, and helps you to wake up effectively. But I’d recommend that you figure out what works right for you. For me, it’s about seven and a half hours. I have some people, though, who literally need to sleep nine and a half or ten hours for them to feel good. And so, we just rearrange life to be able to fit that kind of sleep in. Some people are lucky. They can do five or six hours of sleep. Everybody’s different. You need to find out for yourself what it is, and then, you’ve got to stick to a regimen where you are getting the sleep that you need.

Meditation, exercise, diet, and sleep.

Do you believe that spirituality involves money?

Spirituality is relationship to existence. Money can be a part of this existence if you want it to be. Your relationship with money can either be positive or negative depending on how you choose to view it.

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