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3 Rules to Create Ridiculous Bliss At Work

Ridiculous Bliss is possible at work.  Even if you currently hate your work.  The trick is to use a set of street tested principles that will start to bring the joy back to work again.  Imagine being totally excited about work every day even though nothing has changed.  What if you ended each day energized, how would that affect your life?

Today’s workplace reality is anything but blissful.  Demands, emergencies, conflict. opposing views and impossible dead lines.  Forty, fifty even sixty hours a week in an environment that is designed to be productive and not nurturing, sometimes oppressive and not rejuvenating.  It creates stress, anxiety and agitation.  These feelings bleed over into other areas of life and next thing you know you are having a few to many drinks to drown out the noise in your head.  Sound familiar?

If you are unhappy at work, everything suffers and your experience of life is degraded.  You don’t sleep well, your mood is negatively effected and your relationships suffer.  Yet, I propose that your job could be something you hate today and with a few small tweaks you could be on the road to loving it.  You game?

Bliss is defined as supreme happiness.  It’s something I’ve chased my entire life.  Every since I was a small boy I was annoyed that I wasn’t happy.  Isn’t that an oxymoron?  Over my lifetime I’ve sifted through all the gobbledygook out there, I’ve figured out what works and I’ve achieved Ridiculous Bliss in my own life.  Now I want to share it with you.

As a life coach to the biggest players in the world of business, sales and entertainment, I have taught more then 8000 people the principles of happiness and success.  I know first hand what it takes to be happy and peaceful in the middle of chaos, stress, destruction and failure.  So let’s let at a few simple principles that will dramatically affect your happiness and get you on the road to Ridiculous Bliss at work.

Rule One:  Stop Pretending You Are Not The Ruler of The Universe

Have you noticed that the talking in your head is very opinionated?  I call that talking in your head The Drunk Monkey and I’ve seen that it is the source of all your suffering.  Life isn’t harsh, your thinking is harsh.  People aren’t jerks, your opinion makes them jerks.

You see The Drunk Monkey in your head has accidentally anointed itself The Ruler of the Universe.  It mistakenly believes that all people should bow down to its infinite wisdom.  If you listen to the talking in your head, which I strongly advise against, you will see that it declares that your coworkers aren’t doing things the right way.  It resists peoples behaviors.  It resists peoples opinions.  It resists the company policies.  It resists the new marketing plan and the new computer software.  It resists just about everything.  But In the end, all this resistance causes zero change.  Ultimately the resistance you have to how life is becomes the source of your agitation.  Today just give it up and roll with how life is.  You are not the Ruler of the Universe!!

Rule Two:  Stop Protecting Yourself From No One Who Is Attacking You

Everyone was raised by different people in different situations.  Therefore everyone believes that life should work differently then you.  Your family group believed that things should be ABC and other family groups believed it should be XYZ.  Neither is right or wrong.  Yet, The Drunk Monkey believes that anything different is a potential threat.

Hello!  When someone has an opinion that you don’t agree with, that isn’t a threat.  When a coworker does things differently then you, that’s not a threat.  Your way isn’t the right way.  Your way is just a conditioned set of responses you picked up along the way in life.  Be flexible.  Allow others to have their opinion and you will experience a greater sense of happiness and peace.

Rule Three:  Stop Holding People Acceptable To Agreements They Didn’t Make

I would like you to consider that your disappointments and disagreements are primarily
based on a hallucinations The Drunk Monkey is having.  The Drunk Monkey believes that
people have a crystal ball and they should know what you expect.  When people don’t fulfill on your expectations, you get mad.  If people don’t know what you expect, then they will just do things the way they think is best.  Stop getting mad and screwing up your bliss by holding people accountable to agreements they never made.

Your experience at work is about to get exponentially better.  All there is to do is catch The Drunk Monkey in the act.  Post these three rules in your office and read them every day.

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Learn to Control Your Own Mind

Your mind is a negative future prophesying machine. Have you noticed that? It doesn’t prophesy a very positive future. Every once in a while, it does, but the majority of the futures that it is envisioning is bad. The mind thinks it’s psychic. The mind thinks it knows the future.

But it does not know the future. The mind’s job is to find things that are potentially dangerous, and avoid them. So the mind does this generalizing and speculating. It speculates. It hypothesizes. But you know, left to its own devices, the mind is not going to hypothesize good things. It’s going to get you to focus on what isn’t working, what needs to be fixed, what is broken, what is potentially scary, what is potentially dangerous – all the negatives.

The mind will default to the negatives, which will make you feel like crap. You will not be happy if you just let the mind do what it’s doing. You must learn to control the mind. The mind makes a wonderful servant. It makes a terrible master.

Do I Need to be a Monk to Achieve Ridiculous Bliss?

To be in a state of ridiculous bliss, do I do a day of silence or can I just be in the world? Clients have said to me “I mean, my life is chaotic, Matthew. How do I get into ridiculous bliss? Do I have to like escape and be a monk and, you know, go mediate in a cave?”

No, no, no, no, no. Now, is it effective for you to take time for yourself to think and to be introspective? Yes, of course. That’s very effective. And I meditate every single day, and I highly recommend that you meditate every single day. But I find it equally valuable to fully engage the world, to just play full out and then use my techniques of aligning, accepting, allowing, and honoring as tools to bring ridiculous bliss into every aspect of my life.

You can do the exact same thing. So do you do a day of silence or do you engage the world full blast? I say you try both.

Are You Spiritual or Resigned?

I often wonder if spiritual people are actually just resigned and they’re using their spirituality as their reason for not creating the life that they dream of. I know that I have many, many times said to myself, “Well, you know, I’m just practicing being spiritual.” But my life sucked. My life was a disaster. And I’ve found that when I take responsibility for my life being amazing and I bring spiritual principles to each and every category of my life, what happens is my ability to be spiritual is just phenomenal and I’m just out of control with happiness and peace.

Are you using your spirituality as a cop out, a way in which you don’t have to be responsible for making your life amazing? I’d be willing to bet that there are places you’re doing that. Cut it out. Start using your spiritual principles to actually make your life extraordinary everywhere. Ultimately, a spiritual person is someone who is extremely responsible. Is that you?

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