Try happiness

“You are already a master of fear and self rejection, now try happiness.” – Matthew Ferry

Interview with Kristen & Cindy of nrQi Radio

Listen in as we talk about the The Drunk Monkey and secrets to happiness and success!

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Check out Cindy & Kristen here.

Replay: Taming the Drunk Monkey

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Yesterday, I hosted a complementary webcast, Taming The Drunk Monkey.

As promised, the replay is now available.

You can view the full video presentation above or download the
audio version below to listen to in your car.

Please click here to download the audio replay

The feedback we feedback we got during the webcast was phenomenal.

I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired the people who were there.

Matthew Ferry

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Let’s Tame The Drunk Monkey Together! – Join Me Live Wednesday

The Drunk Monkey, in your head, is stopping you having the life you want.

I know exactly what to do to tame The Drunk Monkey and I want to teach you some of my tricks.

Join me Wednesday 10/19 for my next live webcast Taming The Drunk Monkey


Topic: Taming The Drunk Monkey

Date: Wednesday, October 19th
Time: 12:00pm (Pacific) / 2:00pm (Central) / 3:00pm (Eastern)
Duration: 90 Minutes
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This Is What I’m Going To Teach You:

- 2 Things the Drunk Monkey does to screw up your life
- 2 Simple tricks to get it under control


This Is What Will Happen Once You Learn To Tame The Drunk Monkey:

- Peace of mind
- Unbridled confidence
- Expanded social life
- Saying NO to requests that don’t work for you
- Extreme energy and motivation


Another SUPER deluxe Bonus

One very lucky person is going to win a 30 minute life changing private coaching and energy clearing conversation with ME :-) I can and will change your life in just 30 minutes. But you gotta register for the webcast and be there live webcast to win. At the end I will pull someones name (preferably yours).

Make sure you are on the webcast live!

Your coach,

Matthew Ferry

P.S. Tame The Drunk Monkey and you will feel more peace of mind, have more confidence and do what it takes to live your dream. Be there!


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Breakthrough to Bliss Weekend Intro Call

I am doing an intro call regarding the Breakthrough to Bliss Weekend retreat Wednesday October 5th at 12 noon Pacific / 1pm Mountain / 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern.

If you are curious about the Breakthrough to Bliss Weekend, then this is a must attend conference call.



On the call I will discuss:

1.  What benefits you will get out of attending the weekend.
2.  The dates for the next two available weekends.
3.  How to register.
4.  I will answer your questions regarding the retreat.

Please dial this number and code on this Wednesday at 12pm Pacific.

Code: 260326#

See you Wednesday,

Matthew Ferry

P.S.  The Breakthrough to Bliss Weekend is a very exclusive weekend retreat that you can attend this year.  This call explains why you will want to be there and tells you how to register.

Secret Mindset of the Super Successful

I’m doing another free webcast.I’m committed to supporting you in having an amazing 2nd half of this year.

So I’m going to show you what the super successful are doing right now to stay in the game and succeed in 2011.

I’ve got 4 very important mindset secrets of the super successful. Would you like to know what they are?

Join me next Wednesday afternoon 12pm Pacific and I’ll tell you what they are.


Topic: Secret Mindset of The Super Successful
Date: Wednesday, September 14th
Time: 12:00pm (Pacific) / 2:00pm (Central) / 3:00pm (Eastern)
Duration: 90 Minutes
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The 4 Secret Mindset Tricks Include…

- How to block negative energy from harming your life

- A secret recipe for being happy…that anyone can do

- A simple system for making your goals come true

- A daily ritual that will keep you moving forward and feeling empowered

Extra Special Super Awesome Bonus

Everyone who registers and is present during the whole broadcast will be eligible to win a 2-year life changing coaching package worth $4648.  I did this last month and one very lucky person won it all.  Will it be you this time?

Make sure you are on the broadcast live!

Your coach,

Matthew Ferry

P.S. Do what the super successful do and you will achieve what they achieve.  Let me share 4 mindset tricks with you Wednesday 14th.  Be there!

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