Baseball & The Power to Create Reality

Originally posted July 26, 2011

Three Umpires were ask how they call a strike in the game of baseball…

Rookie umpire said, ” I look inside the strike zone and I call ‘em the way they are”

The experienced umpire said, “After a while I realized the best I could do is call them the way I see them”

The Master umpire said, “They ain’t nothin’ till I call ‘em!!”

Your life isn’t anything until you call it.

Life isn’t hard.

People aren’t jerks.

You aren’t stupid.

Life isn’t anything until you call it.

What To Do When Things Don’t Manifest

Originally posted May 14, 2010

I’m sitting in row 20 seat E.  That’s the middle seat at the back of the plane.  This morning, not knowing what seat my assistant had booked me for this trip I wrote in my intentions, rather spontaneously, “I am so thankful to the universe for providing me with first class seats on the way up and back to Seattle this week… or something better!”

This isn’t normally something I spend too much time manifesting as I practice being in a state of Ridiculous Bliss where ever I am, regardless of the circumstances.  But I know what my clients would say, “Where is your manifesting now, Mr. Smarty Pants?”  The answer is easy and complex.

The easy answer is that something better is on its way and at this very moment I have no idea what it is.  The complex answer is that this situation is apparently better for all.  Now that I say it, I can see that I am writing about this experience, which is a contribution to the global understanding of The Law of Attraction and the power to manifest.  It’s also giving me a a chance to be in a state of perfection as I’m squished into my seat, elbows tucked tightly into my sides computer screen tilted slightly down so that I can barely see it because the person in front of me has their seat all the way back.

The complex answer is that I cannot possibly understand the state of perfection that I’m in.  The Drunk Monkey in my head has only my five senses to bring in information to which it correlates its past experiences and comes up with a hypothesis, a hallucination about what this moment is and what it will be.  The truth is much broader and more expansive then I could ever possibly imagine.  The Drunk Monkey can only speculate that because its expectations have been broken and that the seat is less comfortable then other seating arrangements, that something must be wrong and NOW is not good.

If I allow The Drunk Monkey to run the show I don’t feel good.  Instead, I  meditate, focus on what I’m grateful for, appreciate the design of the plane, appreciate the backs of the heads that I can see, notice how interesting the two very “engrossed in their own stuff” people are to my left and right.  I will find the joy in this moment via the most powerful state I know… Appreciation.  When I stay committed to being in a good place no matter what the circumstances are, everything turns out better than The Drunk Monkey could have imagined.

3 Key Words to Radical Happiness

Originally posted May 16, 2010

The key words to radical happiness are totally different than most people believe.  There are three specific causes to unhappiness and three words that lead you back to radical happiness.

3 Causes of Unhappiness

Unhappiness is caused by…

1.  Resiting yourself.

2.  Resiting other people.

3.  Resisting your situation.

When you feel negative it is because you are resisting something.  Negativity is the resistance you have to how life actually is.

3 Key Words to Radical Happiness

In order to get out of negativity you must use these three words:

1.  Awareness – if you don’t see The Drunk Monkey in your head resisting, then you will simply be in reaction and not in control of your emotional state.

2.  Acceptance – you are not the ruler of the universe (as much as The Drunk Monkey would like to believe that you are) and no one cares about your opinion or perspective.  Life is just doing its thing.  People are just trying to live life best they can.  Your opinion about them is the source of your suffering.  Acceptance will set you free and get you back to happiness.  But you must go back to #1 and start to see The Drunk Monkey in action and see it’s motives in order to let them go and get to acceptance.

3.  Appreciation – this is the source of joy itself.  When you are in a state of gratitude and appreciation, life feels good and you return to radical happiness.

Ask and It is Given – Matthew 7-7

I have been interested in this quote from the bible for the last 20 years.

Matthew 7-7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

My Interpretation of this quote is this.

Ask with confidence and yet with humility.  Recognize that there is an infinite power you are calling upon.  Be humbled by its ability and power.  Be in awe and wonder.

Seek spiritual application.  Recognize that God Force is unconcerned with Ferrari’s and 10 deals next month.  God Force Energy wants what is best for all.  Seek to find what has been lost.  Innocence, happiness, belonging, wholeness, oneness, openness, trust, faith that all is well.  When you seek these things, the material stuff works itself out.

Knock with earnestness and perseverance.  Go for it with the spirit of humility, sincerity, and perseverance.  Be tenacious.  Trust that god has got your back.  Trust that you would not be asking, if it wasn’t already wanting to be.  You are an instrument of the god force.  You are the tip of a pen and and god force energy is coming through you and making beautiful art in this world through you.

90% of the goal is achieved in the asking for it.

Let go of your definitions of how it is “Supposed to Be”  Consider that you are addicted to the definition that you think makes got goal fulfilled.

The World as You Know It Doesn’t Exist

Originally posted August 24, 2009

There is no world out there.

Not at least the world you experience.  Yes, there is something out there, but what you are experiencing isn’t it.  What you are experiencing is your opinion, your perception and your conditioning.  How you relate to the world is what the world is for you.  Two people can be in the exact same situation and have completely different experiences.

Are there atoms, electrons and such out there in the world? Apparently science is getting a better grasp on that.  But it takes multimillion dollar machines to see what is really going on in the world.  So the actual reality is not something humans have day-to-day access to.  You and I have access to the information our senses bring in to our consciousness.

Why is this relevant?

Your husband isn’t really a jerk.  That’s just your opinion.  Not the truth.

The president isn’t actually doing anything you say he is.  That’s just your perception of the situation.

The world isn’t all screwed up.  That’s just the way you see it.

There is nothing to fear.  That’s just a biological reaction to the stimulus in the environment.  Other people aren’t afraid of the same things you are.  Therefore you fear is not real or the truth.

Today see the world for what it really is, just your opinion.  Notice how much more relaxed and enjoyable life is.

The Spiritual Way to Make More Money

Making money is pretty easy.  I know that sounds arrogant and I apologize if your Drunk Monkey reacts, BUT that’s the problem.  Your Drunk Monkey has a story about money that limits you.  Money is easy.  Yet, every one says it’s hard.  So you become convinced.  Everyone says it takes hard work.  And part of what they are saying is true.

You do have to work and work can be hard.  But what makes it hard is your resistance to it.  What makes it hard is not recognizing fundamentals like rest cycles.  If you keep pushing yourself to produce you will burn out which stops you dead in your tracks.  That often leads to panic and fear because burnout stops the money flow.  To counter this, you must retrain The Drunk Monkey and you must treat the body in a way that gives you maximum energy.

Here are two spiritual ways to make more money.  By spiritual I mean contextual or based in perspective rather then action.  Change your perspective and you change your life.

1.  You need to get The Drunk Monkey focused on something empowering.  Try this:  Go into a deep state of gratitude about the money you do have.  Make lists of all the great stuff money has bought.  Make lists of all the great experiences money has afforded you.  Make lists of all the opportunities you have had because you had the money you had.  This will simply put you into a great mood and open you up to more good.  You get what you focus on…PERIOD!

2.  Next you need to take care of your money making vehicle.  Also known as your body.  If you abuse the body, then your ability to make money is hindered.  The spiritual perspective is that Body is Temple.  You must treat the body as such.  I suggest you start taking your MEDS everyday.  Meditation, Exercise, Diet & Sleep (MEDS).  Even one minute of meditation a day will change your life.  Doing some push ups changes your state.  Eating foods that give you energy is key to staying optimistic.  Optimism is attractive to deals, money and opportunities.  When you are sleep deprived you can’t think straight no matter how much coffee you drink.  You need to be in top form to make more money!


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