Negativity is Awesome!

istock_000000212759smallWithout negativity you would not know what you truly want. Negativity is a teacher.

Even more exciting is the fact that negative experiences are leading to positive ones. When you are creating something new, you must mess up what you have and reorganize it.

The Drunk Monkey (your mind) resists change and new projects. Going to the next level creates massive change. The change is not familiar. Unfamiliar is uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is often regarded as negative. Go Negativity! Negativity means something good is happening. Roll with it.

Happiness and Success in Tough Times Video – Part 1

Happiness and Success in Tough Times (8 Videos)

In January 2007 I put on an event in Sedona AZ.  It was called Prosperity Through Meditation.  Steven Sadleir led the meditations, Dr. David Hawkins inspired us to live a more spiritual life and I supported the group with practical techniques to get into a flow state with life.  These videos are the 8 steps I presented to get into the flow and stay there.

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Action is Faith, Non-action…

istock_000005824203mediumWhen you find yourself in action, you are operating from an internal knowing that what you want is coming.  Most new age peeps believe that when you set a new goal, that the Law of Attraction will just bring it.  And often that happens.  But usually this occurs when what you want is something of little substance or importance.  The big stuff requires your full participation.  When you trust the universe, you act.  When you don’t trust the universe, you chant more affirmations, visualize, and read more books about manifesting.

Action is the faith that what you want will occur.

Non-action is the fear that what you want will not occur.

Even Great Parents Screw You Up

I received this question from a client…

“I was in bed thinking about my 5-year-old and the problems he is having with interpersonal relationships at school and a little bit with his nanny. He seems to talk back and he can be a tyrant. Also he is  not quite a big follower of authority. I know sometimes he says to me you don’t think I am smart, so obviously this is in his mind. I thought to myself about a CD where you spoke of playing positive affirmations, I think to baroque music for your son Trevor.”

This was my response…

I thought I was being a really savvy parent using affirmations with Trevor.  Yet, the affirmation thing ultimately backfired on me. One example: We trained him to say, “I am smart!” and later noticed he would not try anything new for fear that he wouldn’t know how to do it and look dumb. Ouch.  His Drunk Monkey took my positive intentions and turned it into something driven by fear.

No matter how great we think we are as parents, our children will misinterpret our actions, our words and our intentions.  The Drunk Monkey’s job is to protect us from the scary world out there.  Unfortunately, every single client we coach (no exaggeration) whether they had wonderful, kind parents or tyrannical, mean parents, they all end up misinterpreting something early on.  No matter how well-meaning the parents were.  This misinterpretation in the broadest terms is, “I’m not safe”.  No matter how great your parents were, you accidentally started to protect yourself from them and the world.

Your son is displaying the same behavior you and your husband displayed before we accomplished the Inspired Action Coaching process together. Before we examined all of your beliefs you had about yourself, others and life… and then shifted your perspective, you were protecting yourself against the world that wasn’t attacking.

Consider this, at some point your son felt threatened, created a misperception about himself, others and the world… And now he simply views life like the threat is real. Why else lash out?  Why else be afraid?  Just like you did for 30+ years before your coaching with me, your son is protecting himself from all the people in the world who are not attacking him. He is retaliating against rules that are not meant to constrain him. His Drunk Monkey is convinced that there is a threat.  Even worse, The Drunk Monkey believes that his own intellect is a threat  as is evidenced by the “I”m stupid” comments.

Here’s the bottom line: After decades of trial and error, I believe a shift in context is the one and only change agent.  All others pale in comparison.  I see this in all the people still looking for the answer at the next seminar they attend.  You know what to do!  You’ve taken the coaching program.  Now help your son see The Drunk Monkey for what it really is.  Free him from fear forever.

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